2018 First Express Entry Draw Concluded With Record Low Cut Off Score

2018 First Express Entry Draw Concluded with Record Low Cut-off Score

The first Express Entry draw of the year 2018 happened and a total of 2,750 candidates were invited to apply for permanent residency of Canada. 446 points was the cut-off score on Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

The CRS cut-off score of 446 points was the same as that of the last draw that took place in 2017 on December 20th. Ever since the Express Entry system was put into effect on January 2015, this has been the lowest CRS cut-off  score for the first draw of the year.

The tie-break rule was used one more time by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in this draw. The date and time for the tie-break was set at November18, at 6:30:42 UTC.

It is expected that the Canada’s Express Entry system will have a busy time ahead as is indicated by the first draw of the year 2018.

16 draws happened in the first half of the year 2017 and CRS cut-off score which opened at 468 points in the first draw of that year went all the way down to 413 points in the month of May 2017.

The fact that Canada has set up magnanimous target for Express Entry in the coming years and the expansion of its Provincial Nominee Program and Family Class visa – the time ahead is expected to be a busy one for Canadian immigration.

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