3 Factors To Improve Your Comprehensive Ranking System Score WWICS

3 Factors to Improve Your Comprehensive Ranking System Score

The Express Entry system from Canada is dynamic, which means the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of a candidate is not fixed and can be improved by him or her, provided extra efforts are put in.

The CRS score can be improved in two important ways:

  1. Perfect your profile
  • Education
  • Language
  • Work experience
  • Spouse / partner as primary applicant
  1. Prepare for Provincial Nomination or ITA proactively

It is very important to represent yourself accurately in the Express Entry profile that is created by you. This will enable you to earn extra points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and above all, you will save yourself from serious penalties that may arise from misrepresenting yourself.

You should remember that the credential required to enter the Express Entry pool are not the same as the ones required to increase your CRS points.


Language plays an important role in the CRS score of a candidate and it can be worth nearly 290 points.

Language is an area that can be significantly improved by a candidate. Remember that the level required to enter the Express Entry pool is considerably lower than the ones that can fetch you maximum points.

A Federal Skilled Worker candidate who wants to enter the Express Entry pool need to score only CLB 7 (Canadian Language Benchmark) in each language ability – listening, speaking, writing and reading.

However, a candidate can score a maximum of CLB 10 in order to get more points in CRS.

The importance of language is also there as it fetches more points in different sections of the CRS:

  • in Core Human Capital Factors

  • in Skills Transferability

  • in Additional factors

A candidate can get a maximum 50 points if he or she is able to get CLB 9 or higher in all the four language abilities – listening, speaking reading and writing.


By showing your educational qualification properly a candidate can fetch a maximum of 230 points. This can be done by obtaining another degree or by obtaining additional Educational Credential Assessments (ECAs) for the degrees a candidate already has.

Candidates who obtained education outside of Canada are required to submit an ECA in order to obtain CRS points.

Only one ECA is required from the principal applicant in the Federal Skilled Worker Class for education obtained outside of Canada.

No ECA is required from candidates in the Canadian Experience Class or the Federal Skilled Trades Class in order to enter the Express Entry pool.

Work Experience

Better documentation of work experience or obtaining additional work experience can help in improving the CRS score of a candidate.

A candidate may consider a job title as unskilled, but the duties performed by the candidate may be considered as skilled in the National Occupation Classification or NOC of Canada.

So, you should move beyond job title and compare the duties performed by you against the different occupations that are mentioned in NOC and determine if they are considered skilled or not.

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