423 CRS Cut-off Threshold in May 4 Express Entry Draw

A total number of 3,796 applicants were issued the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for immigration to Canada in the Express Entry pool. The latest draw for permanent residency for Canada was held on 4th May, 2017.

The candidates who were sent the Invitation to Apply this time scored 423 or higher points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). This cut-off thresholds in the CRS has been in line with the other draws that have taken place in the recent time. In the past few months the threshold has been hovering around mid 400sand in the low 400s.

The draw that took place on April 19 came out with the lowest ever CRS cut-off threshold of 415 points. The draw that took place before this one, on April 12, also saw a drop in threshold of 423 points.

With this draw the total number of Invitation to Apply (ITA) that have been given in this year have totaled to 39,769. The total number of candidates that have been invited to apply for Canada permanent residency through Express Entry draw since the time it was first launched in the year 2015 to 104,614.

According to latest report, it has been concluded that the total number of Invitation to Apply that have been so far in this year is almost equal to that of the total number of immigrants who have settled in Canada by way of Express Entry system in the first two years. A total number of 43,202 immigrants came to Canada in the first two years of this system.

All this gives a clear indication that the number of immigrants that will be invited through Express Entry system will increase in the year 2017.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has put out a report recently which provides a good look in the history of the Express Entry system. It provides an analysis on how there has been an increase in the number of Invitation to Apply (ITA) that have been issued and how the CRS cut-off threshold have gone down so far in this year.

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