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When you get enrolled in a study program abroad, you enter a whole new world of opportunities, learning activities, efficient teaching methods, and assessment methods.

Academic credits serve as an integral part of education abroad, as these will help you to understand how your progress is evaluated during your academic session or how you can transfer credits to a university abroad.

Academic credit system

An academic credit system is a standard used by the universities to measure and assess performance of the students and their efforts during the ongoing academic program. Thus, it becomes inevitable to understand how these credits work and how these are converted form one academic system to another.

The students are assessed by their professor based on the amount of knowledge and skills they achieve after successful completion of course. The common form of assessment includes a combination of:

  • Tests taken during the course
  • Actual attendance
  • Oral/written examination
  • Projects/research work

Usually, the more work and effort students put in each of the 4 above motioned categories, the more credit they earn.


  1. Academic credit system in Australia

Well, Australian universities do not have a unified credit system. Each university evaluates the credits according to the number of study hours and workload depending upon the course taken by the students. Credit transfer is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes which is established and coordinated by the Australian Qualifications Framework.

To complete a Bachelor degree the students are required to have 144 credit points and for the postgraduate degree they are required to have 96 credit points.


  1. Academic credit system in the U.S.

In the U.S., students receive semester credit hours. These credit hours are based on the number of total contact hours accumulated by the students during one semester. The required credit points to successfully complete bachelor’s degree in the U.S. are 120-130 and 30-64 for a master’s degree.

Benefits of academic credit systems:

  • These support your entry to a higher education programme.
  • They make it possible to estimate the workload of a programme.
  • They help in keeping a track of student’s progress.
  • They determine whether the students have met study requirements or not.
  • These are used and recognised internationally.
  • These act as a proof of previous studies for the students when looking for a job.
  • Some universities use them to set the degree cost.
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