Australia Proposed Mandatory Provisional Visa Before Granting Permanent Residency

Australia has always welcomed new and more immigrants. For years, immigration policies of the Australian government have been quite welcoming and it continue to be so.

Keeping in view the demands of the national security and to ensure the credibility of the immigrants, Australian government has brought in some new measures.

To make sure immigrants meld well with the Australian society and keeping the national security of the country at the forefront, a mandatory criteria for Provincial visas has been proposed by Australia.

All immigrants in the future will now have to visit and stay in the country on a provincial visa before they are granted the permanent resident status of Australia.

As per the new norms these people will have to stay in the country for a specified period of time and will be explored by the department of immigration under the transformation of visas.

In case you are looking forward to apply for Australia permanent residency than you can consult the world’s largest immigration group WWICS for more information on this update.

You will be guided in the right manner on how this change will effect the preparation for your Australian visa application.

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