Canada Appoints New Citizenship Judges To Speed Up Process WWICS
Canada Appoints New Citizenship Judges to Speed Up Process

Canada Appoints New Citizenship Judges to Speed Up Process

The Federal government of Canada has appointed more citizenship judges and the number has been increased to 14 from five. This move has come just a month after the country relaxed the requirements to become Canadian citizen.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada appointed nine new judges and one judge was re-appointed to serve a new term.

The announcement for this appointment was made on May 17th and before this there were only five citizenship judges in Canada.

According to an IRCC spokesperson Carl Beauchamp, this appointment will make sure that the operation moves on smoothly across the country.

The government of Canada brought in new citizenship rules in October 2017 in which the number residency years required to apply for Canada citizenship was reduced from for years out of six to three years out of five.

As per a new rule, all permanent residents of Canada who had spent time in the country as international students, foreign worker or protected students will be counted towards their citizenship application.

Each day spent by them as a temporary resident will be taken as half towards their residency requirement, up to a maximum of 365 days.

The government of Canada also removed a requirement to be present in Canada for 183 or more days in four out of the six years after the application is submitted.

Increase in Application After New Rules Implemented

According to a news, soon after the new rules were brought in, there was a nearly three fold increase in application from a weekly average of 3,653 to 17,500.

Beauchamp stated that the more judges have been hired to make sure applications for citizenship as processed as quickly as possible.

Citizenship judges take decisions on a number of citizenship applications, look after the citizenship ceremonies and administer the oath of citizenship to new citizens.

According to IRCC, nearly 1,400 citizenship ceremonies were held in 2017 in which more than 105,000 new Canadians were administered the oath.

The appointment of citizenship judges is done by the Governor in Council after the recommendation from Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. According to IRCC, an open, transparent and merit-based process is used to select new appointees.

In a new release from IRCC, it is declared that candidates for citizenship judge appointments are evaluated against the skills that are needed for the position: effective communication, decision-making, judgement / analytical thinking, cross-cultural sensitivity and community standing.

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