Canada to make changes to Comprehensive Ranking System for 2017

At the start of this year, the government of Canada set out the target to welcome 300,000 new immigrants to the country. As the set target is almost achieved, changes are being planned by the Canadian immigration authority to the Comprehensive Ranking System for the year 2017.

The objective is to make immigration policies more encouraging for aspiring immigrants. The categories in which changes are expected include the Canadian experienced class / temporary residents and aspiring immigrants who have relatives in Canada.

Canadian Experienced Class

Temporary residents of Canada, who are living in the country on work permit or have acquired education in Canada, may see changes in the immigration policies wherein it will become easier for them to apply for permanent residency of Canada.

The fact that this category of immigrants are already versed with the Canadian culture and working environment, makes them suitable to be absorbed as permanent resident of Canada. On the other hand, aspiring immigrants with relatives in Canada will have a higher probability of being granted as the permanent residency of Canada.

Lower Cut Off in Comprehensive Ranking System

In the last two draws under the Express Entry System, the number of candidates being sent the Invitation to Apply (ITAs) has increased 2 fold as compared to previous draws. Candidates who achieved 475 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) have received the ITAs.

An ITA is an acceptance by the Canadian government, which allows a candidate to apply for permanent residency of Canada. As the government wants to raise the annual number of immigration even further we may see a further decrease in cut off on CRS.

Annual Immigration to be raised to 425,000

The government of Canada is making changes at the federal and provincial level to increase the number of immigration. Target is to bring in 425,000 new immigrants annually by the year 2020. This is being done to compensate for the aging population and slow birth rate in the country.

All said and done, regardless of how easy Canadian immigration programs may become, there is still no room for error on the part of a visa applicant. You not only need to make sure that your visa application is complete, but is presented in a manner that you have high chances of approval.

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