Canada Makes It Easy for Permanent Residents to Become Citizens

Changes to the Citizenship Act, Bill C-6, will become effective next week from October 11th. Thereafter, permanent residents of Canada will enjoy simpler, quicker citizenship / naturalization process.

Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Minister of Immigration was speaking on October 4th in Brampton, Ontario. He stated that these changes have been long awaited and it will make it easier to become citizen of the country.

The Bill C-6 was passed into law last June, however, many of the crucial provisions did not came into effect immediately. It was announced by the government that certain elements of the Bill C-6 will be implemented in the fall (autumn).

Canadian government has made changes to the rule as it wants all permanent residents of the country to become citizens. It is their wish as the Canadian citizenship is valued so much and it is a community that welcomes people from across the globe.

“We have a duty to facilitate their way to Canadian citizenship,” he included.

Among the progressions that happen on October 11 are measures covering the quantity of days that a candidate must spend as a lasting inhabitant before applying for citizenship, and how those days might be tallied.

Already, candidates for citizenship needed to store up 1,460 days (four years) of habitation in Canada inside a six-year time frame, every last bit of it on changeless status, before applying for citizenship.

Following the progressions, candidates are just required to have amassed 1,095 days (three years) of habitation in Canada over a five-year time span before getting to be plainly qualified. Further, people who invested energy in Canada on work or study status or as an ensured individual before turning into a lasting occupant may tally up to 365 days of this time as a brief inhabitant towards their general residency days.

In such cases, each genuine day spent in Canada on such a transitory status is considered a half-day (at the end of the day, for each two days spent in Canada on qualified brief status, one day might be tallied towards citizenship qualification, up to a greatest of 365 days).

For natives to-be who came to Canada to work or study, this imperative change may diminish the measure of time one needs to spend in Canada as a perpetual occupant before being qualified for citizenship, at times from four years down to as meager as two years.

Moreover, as of one week from now the administration will no long require candidates for citizenship to be physically present in Canada for 183 days or more in four out of the six years going before their application.

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