Canada On Track To Break 2017 Invitation Record Through Its New Express Entry Draw
Express Entry Draw

Canada on track to break 2017 invitation record through its new Express Entry draw

A new Express Entry draw held on November 28 has pushed Canada ahead of the number of invitations issued at this same point in 2017 – a year that set the current Express Entry invitation record of 86,023.

This draw issued 3,900 invitations to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence, bringing the year 2018 to a total of 82,000 till date. The minimum CRS score was 445, a decrease of 4 points over the previous Express Entry draw on November 15, which had a minimum CRS of 449.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is only 4,024 ITAs away breaking last year’s record total with another month to go in 2018.

On an average, IRCC holds 2 Express Entry invitations round a month, issuing 3,900 invitations in six of the last 7 all-program draws held since September 5. If this trend continues through December, IRCC will surpass its 2017 ITA record of 86,023.

In the latest invitation round, IRCC used its tie-break rule. The date and time used were October 22, 2018, at 14:40:13 UTC. This means that candidates with a CRS score above 445 and above who submitted their profile before October 22, 2018, at 14:40:13 UTC, received an ITA in this invitation round.

This draw took place in less than 2 weeks after the previous draw on November 15, which contributed to the CRS minimum dropping by four points. When less time is allowed to elapse between the draws, fewer candidates have a chance to enter the Express Entry pool and this can have the effect of lowering the minimum score.

The inverse is also true as we saw in November 15th draw – more than two weeks elapsed, allowing more candidates to enter the Express Entry pool, and the minimum CRS rose to 449.

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