Canada Passport Fifth Strongest In The World This Year

Canada Passport Fifth Strongest in the World This Year

There are numerous reasons for why people like to immigrate to Canada. Prominent among these reasons is the higher standard of living and the opportunity to earn better.

Canada welcomes new immigrants with open arms and helps them in every possible way to settle comfortably in their new country. Since, time unknown tens of thousands of people have immigrated to the Canada and they have gone on to become a strong and successful person.

Canada is ranked and / or listed among the top countries for quality of human life, best countries to do business with, best countries to study / higher education and top countries for satisfaction in life.

Without doubt, Canada has one of the strongest passports in the world. The strength of a passport is an epitome of the kind of relation a country has with other countries and of its economic status worldwide.

All those immigrants who are aspiring to immigrate to Canada must be delighted to note that Canadian passport is ranked fifth among the list of the most powerful passports in the world.

Now what does this passport strength signify? It is an indication of the number of countries the holder of that passport can travel to other countries without applying for visa. The list of rank is given on Passport Index website.

The visa free score of Canada is an impressive 158 and it shares its position along with four other countries including USA, Switzerland, Malaysia and Ireland.

This year rank 1 for the most powerful passport is taken by Singapore and South Korea.

This is just one more strong reason as to why we should immigrate to Canada. The country has many things to offer for new immigrants.

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