Canada Puts Visa Restrictions on Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda

Starting from June 27th, 2017, citizens of Antigua and Barbuda will have to obtain a visa before traveling to Canada. Starting from the same date, any electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) that is issued to the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda will not be valid anymore.

From the day itself, eTAs that have already been issued will not be considered valid for the purpose of entering the country. It has been determined by the government of Canada that the small Caribbean countries that have a population of less than one hundred thousand people do not fulfill the criteria for a visa exemption any more.

The official press release from the government of Canada has not mentioned anything about the matter. However, it has come to notice that the Citizenship by Investment Program of the country gives the opportunity to international visitors and their families to can obtain citizenship and also a passport by making an investment of $150,000 USD in a business.

People who are applying to this program can submit their application without having any type of previous ties with Antigua and Barbuda.

Canada wants to ensure the safety of the people living here, protect the integrity of the immigration system and welcome visitors from Antigua and Barbuda, said the government of Canada through a press release.

Applications that will be approved will receive a multiple-entry visa, and this will enable them to travel to Canada as many times as they want to, for the period of 10 years. In a given visit, the visa holder will get the permission to stay in Canada for a period of six months.

According to the government most of the visa applications, nearly 80% of them, are processed with a period of 14 days. People who have already made their travel arrangements will be required to come to Canada before 11th July and they will be considered on a priority basis at the visa office in Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain, which are the closest visa office from Antigua and Barbuda.

On the other hand, applicants can also apply for visa by going online starting from June 27th. Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda that are presently studying or working in Canada may continue to do so till they are legally permitted.

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