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Canada Ranks Fourth as Most-accepting Country in the World

When it comes to the best country to immigrate, Canada is the fourth most-accepting country in the world, as per a new study from Gallup.

A total of 8.14 points were scored by Canada from a possible 9 in the Migrant Acceptance Index from Gallup. This study is an indication of how accepting the population of a country is for newcomers.

The list if topped by Iceland, followed by New Zealand and Rwanda.

According to Gallup, the index was created to find out the acceptance of immigrants depending on what is said as “increasing degrees of proximity”. Respondents were asked three questions to asses this – immigrants who come an live in their country and become their neighbour and marry in their homes is “ bad thing or good thing”.

The study is based on answers from 2,000 Canadians who were aged 15 or older and where surveyed between August 10 and November 29, 2017. During the summer of 2017, there was a considerable rise in the number of people who were coming to Canada from the United States. These people claimed asylum after immigration policies were introduced by the US President Donald Trump.

The United States has moved down to ninth position in this list with a score of 7.86.

The Migrant Acceptance Index from Gallup compliments the study conducted by Environics Institute which concluded that majority of Canadians have a positive view towards immigration.

Gallup researchers have noted that United States and Canada are still among the most accepting countries in the world towards immigrants. However, in the past 2 years, one country has moved ahead with it, while the other country is stepping back.

The Trump administration in United States consider immigrants as a threat to national security and American workers. It was seen that people were quite unhappy with Trump’s performance.

On the other hand, across the border, the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is quite positive towards immigration and have made rules to increase it.

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