Canadian state opens immigration for Moroccans

Immigration experts’ studies related to new Canada immigration programs broadcasted in Canada Radio stated that Ontario Government showed interest by implementing an international marketing campaign to attract French speaking migrants. Referring to the public web site Canada Radio, Moroccans who perform French language are concerned by this this new offer which the objective is to fill the lack and the decrease of francophone in the state.

In 2015 Ontario government requested a report from Experts which the results appeared lately. The report advised to start a new immigration program to bring new migrants from francophone countries like Moroccans and other French speaking countries.

Also the report advised the adoption of 13 measures. (Facilitating language test, developing and facilitating the knowledge of the internet information for francophone migrants before their arrival to Ontario which is considered the number one state speaking French from other Canadian state speaking English) are part of these measures.

One of the important conditions is to perform French language and establish in the state.

French language is very limited that is why the government of the state opened francophone immigration program.

Ontario State will be added to ACADY zone which started early this year a convoy promotion roamed the group of countries and cities Casablanca was one of them.

ACADY zone was established in 1604 populated ….., during the convoy government responsible offered multi facilities to Moroccans interested to migrate for work, studies and business in this area because of the language and values rapprochement.

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