Candidates With 415 and Above CRS Points Sent Invites on May 17 Express Entry Draw

One more Express Entry draw for immigrating to Canada took place recently. It was one more day to set new records by the immigration system of Canada. The cut-off threshold for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) was the lowest of all time.

The Invitation to Apply (ITA) was sent to a total of 3,687 aspiring immigrants who were there in the Express Entry pool. All these candidates in the pool had obtained a minimum of 415 CRS points. These people will now be in a position to apply for permanent residency of Canada.

The CRS cut-off threshold and the size of the draw were almost in line as per the latest trend that is being followed in the Express Entry system. Starting from the end of last year and in the current year, the number of people that are sent ITA have increased considerably.

Moreover, the cut-off threshold of the Comprehensive Ranking System has decreased considerably. On January 4th it was at 468 points and in the latest Express Entry draw it has gone down to 415 points.

The Express Entry draw that took place on April 19th, the CRS cut-off threshold was at the same mark of 415 points. The draw that took place on May 4th had a CRS cut-off threshold of 423 points.

The candidates who are being sent the ITA are now required to submit their completed application form to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to become the permanent resident of Canada.

It is expected that once these applications are submitted, it will take another around six months to process them. It is the target that has been set by IRCC and it has fulfilled its target in the majority of the cases.

The candidates who have been sent the ITA will be living in Canada along with their family members by the end of this year.

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