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CBSA Restricts ‘Flagpoling’ Limits Access to Temporary Residents of Canada

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has restricted the days on which immigration claims at the land ports of entry in Ontario and Quebec will be processed for temporary residents of Canada. Since last summer, the “flagpoling” claims have been processed by the agency only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

This plan has been placed by CBSA in order to manage its responsibilities in a better way.

What is Flagpoling?

Flagpoling is a process through which immigration status of people can be processed quickly in Canada. Temporary residents of Canada can have their temporary status renewed or their permanent status validated by moving to the American border, crossing it and undergoing the process at the time of re-entry into Canada.

For temporary residents of Canada, this process takes less time as compared to applying for status update while they are in Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada office in Canada validates a permanent residence visa. However, one needs to take an appointment at one of these offices, which ultimately consumes time.

The other alternative for validation is to leave Canada and return through land border or airport. This is why flagpoling is so beneficial, particularly for those who live close to the US border.

What is New?

Flagpoling still remains an effective and preferred means for people to renew or update their immigration status. According to the new rules, only the days on which these claims will be processed by CBSA has changed.

At certain border crossings in Ontario and Southern Quebec, it is only during the middle of the week that flagpoling can be done. This change will effect those who hope to undergo the process outside of school or work hours.

In case someone get flagpoling done outside of the permitted days will face a delay as the case will be examined on another day. During this time, these people will enter Canada as per their current immigration status till the time their claim is processed.

You need to keep these changes in mind, before you go to renew or validate your status in Canada through flagpoling at an Ontario or Quebec border crossing.

One more point to remember, since the number of working days have been reduced, there is no guarantee that your case will be processed on the same day, even if you go to border on a day when flagpoling is permitted.

Prepare yourself to face long delays during busy time at the border.

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