Eligibility Requirement To Apply For Masters Graduate Stream From Ontario

Eligibility Requirement to Apply for Masters Graduate Stream from Ontario

The Masters Graduate Stream program from Ontario opened for a short time on April 5th, 2018 to accept new applications from international graduates.

The update was published by Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) on the morning of April 5th. However, the stream closed within an hour.

The Masters Graduate Stream is offered under the International Student Category from OINP. This category also has PhD graduate stream for those who completed the degree in an eligible academic institution in Ontario.

The eligibility criteria from Masters Graduate stream is as follows:

  • The applicant must show the intention to live and work in Ontario

  • Should have graduated at a publicly funded eligible university in Ontario from an existing Master’s program.

  • The duration of the study program should be a minimum of one year in length and should be of a full time basis.

  • The application should be submitted within two years from the date the Master’s degree was granted.

  • At the time of submitting the application, the applicant should have legal status in case he or she is living in Ontario.

  • At the time of submitting the application, the applicant may be living outside Canada. However, those who are living in Canada, but are living outside Ontario are also eligible to apply.

  • In case you are applying from outside Canada than you are not required to have legal status in Canada.

  • In the 24 months before submitting the application, the applicant should have stayed in Ontario for a minimum of 12 cumulative months.

  • Should be able to show a minimum level of income or savings so they can support themselves and their family

To know more about the eligibility requirement to apply for Canada permanent residency you can contact WWICS.

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