Government of Canada Removes Conditional Permanent Residency Requirement for Spouses and Partners

Regardless of how successful or rich you are, there is no bigger happiness than living together with your family. The sadness that comes from living away from family members can be explained by immigrants who are living away from their home country and away from their family members.

The government of Canada is aware of this fact and since long it has been trying to ease out the process of family reunification for immigrants who come to the country to settle here permanently.

In the latest change in rules the Government of Canada has removed the condition that applies to certain sponsored partners or spouses of permanent resident and citizens of Canada. According to the previous rule, a sponsored person has to live for a minimum period of two years before he or she is eligible to become the permanent resident of Canada.

This change will be applicable to all those who are subject to this restriction, as well as to new partners and spouses who are being sponsored to become the permanent resident of Canada.

The latest ruling to remove the conditional permanent residence requirement by the Government of Canada is in line with its commitment to counter gender violence and gender equality. This change has come as the federal government has noticed that spouse living on conditional residency status have been subject to various abuses and they are unable to raise their voice as they fear that they may loose their chance to become permanent resident of Canada.

The Government of Canada does not want that a resident of Canada live in fear of losing his or her status and continue to live in abusive situation.

This rule will promote the cause of family reunification, which is an important objective of the Government of Canada in its process to bring in more immigrants to the country. The removal of this condition implies that the majority of the marriages are considered as genuine and that most of the applications submitted for spousal sponsorship are made in good faith.

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