How To Earn Points In The New Immigration Plan Announced By Donald Trump

How to Earn Points in the New Immigration Plan Announced by Donald Trump

President Donald Trump announced a bill on Wednesday that proposes to cut legal immigration drastically and a point system will replace the current employment based visas.

This plan is a look alike of the immigration system used by Canada and Australia, something which is often praised by President Donald Trump.

The Canadian and Australian immigration system awards points to potential immigrants based on wide categories.

A total of 140,000 visas are available under this system every year and they will be granted to immigrants who gets the required points first.

As per this plan, once given the green signal by the Congress, will bring in big changes. The highest point getting potential immigrants will be 26 to 31 years old with a US based professional or doctorate degree.

The person should be able to speak near perfect English and must have a salary offer that is three times more than the median income where they are. It does not include special circumstances.

Having a Nobel Prize or Olympic medal will help too.

Candidates will be able to apply once they have acquired 30 points.

This is how points will be awarded:


Priority will be given to prime working age.

  • Age 18 – 21: 6 points
  • Age 22 – 25: 8 points
  • Age 26 – 30: 10 points
  • Age 31 – 35: 8 points
  • Age 36 – 40: 6 points
  • Age 41 – 45: 4 points
  • Age 46 – 50: 2 points

People below 18 years and above 50 years will not be given any points. People above 50, however, are eligible to apply.


Points are given as per the level of degree acquired by an applicant.

  • US high school diploma or the foreign equivalent holder – 1 point
  • A foreign’s bachelor degree – 5 points
  • A US bachelor degree – 6 points
  • A foreign masters degree in STEM field – 7 points
  • A US masters – 8 points
  • A Foreign doctorate or professional degree – 10 points
  • A US equivalent – 13 points

English Ability

Points will be awarded on English ability, as ascertained by standardized English test.

  • 60th percentile proficiency – 0 points
  • 60th – 80th percentile – 6 points
  • 80th – 90th percentile – 10 points
  • 90th percentile or above – 11 points
  • 100th percentile range – 12 points

Job Offer

This factor will come into play only when the potential immigrant has a job offer in US and it contains salary package that boost wages.

  • A job offer with pay 150% of median income in the state of employment – 5 points
  • Pay 200% of median income – 8 points
  • 300% of the median income – 13 points

Nobel Prize and Olympics

People with “extraordinary achievements” will get bonus points. This is mainly related to international events. 25 points will be given to candidates who have won “Nobel Prize” or something similar.

15 points will be awarded to those individuals who have earned an Olympics medal or at a comparable international sporting event.


The EB-5 visa category will be eliminated from this bill.

  • An investment of $1.35 million in a non-commercial enterprise – 6 points
  • An investment of $1.8 million – 12 points

Such individual should maintain that investment for three years and should hold management of that business.


Same factors will be used to evaluate the profile of a spouse who will come along with the primary applicant.

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