How to Spend Your First Winter in Canada as Immigrant?

Immigrants coming to Canada from a warm country like India may find the first winter season a bit harsher. The first response is that of a shock as many of them had not lived in such a cold weather before.

The excitement of immigrating to your dream country may catch you off-guard in case you are not prepared well in advance to face the weather of Canada.

Starting from the feet, you should make sure to wear the right kind of shoes. If not done so your feet will turn frighteningly numb within no time.

The technique of wearing clothes to keep the harsh winter away is also different. The best way is to wear multiple layers of clothes. The material with which the clothes are made also needs to be taken care of.

Make sure you have woolen and fleece clothes to fight the Canadian winter. When it comes to facing the winter season of Canada, style has to take a back seat and first importance should be given to keep the body warm.

Passing through the Canadian winter without getting sick requires some amount of investment in clothing. It is an important point to note for all the new and inexperienced Canadian immigrants.

A body sized reliable water resistant coat is a must for every new immigrant. It is quite effective in withstanding negative temperatures. Never try to cut corners when it comes to purchasing this item, it is nothing short of an investment.

A good pair of snow boots and a winter hat is the other two important things that will help you in staying warm in spine chilling cold.

The weather cycle of Canada range from pleasant spring and summer season to harsh winters. Moreover, the winter season is spread across at least 3 months starting from December and in some cases it can continue till March.

For someone who is facing it for the first time and has come from Indian subcontinent, the winter season can be even longer. It is for this reason, well thought out preparation is very important.

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