Canada Study Visa

How to Prepare for Your Canada Student Visa

It is the dream of every person to obtain high education and become a competent professional. Talking about high education many people dream of obtaining degrees / diplomas / certificates from renowned institutes / colleges / universities across the globe.

The objective of taking admission in a reputed college in countries like Canada is a big task in itself. There are numerous procedures to be met in order to secure admission in a college in Canada.

Applying for student visa for Canada is a big task in itself and there are numerous formalities that are required to be met. In case you want to make sure that you make all the right moves in applying for Canada student visa, than you can take the assistance from world’s largest immigration consultant – WWICS.

Canada Student Visa Process Step by Step

The first step before applying for Canada student visa, is to decide in which course you want to take admission in and the college you want to take admission in.

The educational qualification and tuition fees for taking admission vary with one college to another. You will have to find the college that accept you as per the percentage you have acquired and also the amount of money that you can spend to take admission.

Once you have decided the college to take admission in as per your personal requirement, the next step is to apply for Canada student visa. Before you apply for student visa for Canada, you need to make sure that you have sufficient funds to pay for tuition fees and bear the expenditure of living in Canada.

Here you have WWICS to give you assistance in taking you through the complex process of Canada student visa. You will be helped at every step by WWICS in making your student visa for Canada hassle free.

Canada Student Visa Checklist

There are endless number of things to be taken care of before you move to your dream country on a student visa Canada. The first thing that you need to make sure that you have enough finances to take care of the expenditure that will be there from living in another country. Food and lodging are the basic needs that will be required in every case whether you move to Canada to live there permanently or for temporary basis.

The next thing that you need to have is enough of warm clothing. Canada is a cold country and for all those who are moving here from warmer regions, will find a huge temperature difference in here. Moreover, purchasing clothes in Canada will be costly in comparison to purchasing them in your home country.

You also need to bring in with you the basic utility items that you will require soon after you settle down in Canada. Being new to the place, it will be difficult for you to find market and that too a appropriate one. With the basic things taken care of, it will save you from lot of hassle as you will have a lot of other things to take care of as you immigrate on Canada student visa.

Canada Student Visa IELTS Band Requirement

Many will ask the question as to why is there a need for IELTS in order to apply for Canada student visa. The simple answer to this question is that – it will prove that you are proficient in the main language of communication in which education will be imparted in Canada.

IELTS score will show how proficient you are in using English in the four fields that is listening, speaking, writing and reading. Canada immigration authorities wants to make sure that you as a student do not face any problem just because you are not able to understand English or inefficient in using it.

Canada student visa IELTS band requirement vary from one college to another and the type of course you want to enroll in. it also depends on the reputation of the college you want to take admission in.

In most case the average score for Canada student visa IELTS band requirement is 6.5. This band score in IELS show that you have above average proficiency in understanding this language.

Some colleges may ask for higher IETLS score than this, while, others may accept a lower band than this. If you want to find out the IELTS band requirement for the college you want to take admission in, you can contact WWICS – the world’s largest immigration consultant.

Take Assistance

In place of preparing for everything on your own it will be better if you take the assistance from someone who has the experience in getting such things done. When it comes to immigrating to your dream country, there is no consultant better than WWICS which has presence all across the globe and has more than 24 years of experience in the field of immigration.

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