Key Benefits Of Establishing A Business In Canada

Key Benefits of Establishing a Business in Canada

When it comes to a country as bountiful as Canada, it’s hard to single out any one reason to invest in this one of the most powerful economies in the world. Being a country of intelligent, educated workers, Canada boasts countless advantages and unsurpassed potential as a business destination.

A number of international studies have ranked Canada as the top business destination for its umpteen competitive advantages. In 2016, Canada ranked 2nd worldwide by the World Bank in the aspect of starting a business. Apart from it, Bloomberg and Forbes reported Canada as the best country to do business in the G-20.

Here are 5 major reasons why it’s a great time to start a business in Canada

  • Axis for International Business Opportunities

A maritime nation, Canada enjoys exceptional access to Asia-Pacific and European markets, which provide numerous trade opportunities for Canada. Owing to its advantageous geographical location and strong immigration links, Canada is well- positioned to capitalize on the long-term growth potential of Asian and European economies.

Moreover, to maximize its strategic access and boost its competitive position, the country has invested over $1billion into the Asia-Pacific Gateway and imitated various steps to support stronger infrastructure links among Canada, NAFTA, and Asia-Pacific markets.

  • Seamless North American Access

Canada is a main gateway linking the vast North American market. Canada and the US are the world’s second largest trading partners. The close proximity of Canada to world’s richest country helps reduce transportation costs. Close relations such as NAFTA allow for relatively free flow of goods and services.

  • Economic stability

Canadian poverty and crime rates are at a record low at this time. Statistics Canada recently revealed that just 8.8% of the Canadian population is now living under the low-income cut-off, which clearly depicts that more and more Canadians are able to live within financially-stable means.

  • Excellent Business Infrastructure

Canada values the importance of its business community a lot. Therefore, it has created an excellent business environment to foster entrepreneurial success.

Canada has invested billions of dollars over the last decade to create world’s best robust research and development (R&D) climate. The Canadian Foundation for Innovation funds technology clusters throughout the country in various fields such as pharmaceuticals and information & communications technologies.

Apart from aforementioned facts, Canada’s competitive business costs, reasonable corporate tax rates, successful innovation clusters, smart workforce, efficient transport, infrastructure and ready access to markets make Canada a preferred business destination worldwide

 Establish Business in Canada and become a global citizen!!!

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