Largest Ever Express Entry Draw Sends Invitation to Apply (ITAs) to 2,427 Candidates

With 2,427 candidates sent the Invitation to Apply (ITAs) in the latest Express Entry draw held on November 16, it looks to be the largest since the new immigration system was launched on January 2016.

Revisions are expected to happen on November 19, which makes the latest draw the last in the series. The cut-off points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) have also gone down in the past two months. In the latest draw it stood at 470 points.

Two months back, when the Express Entry draw was held on 24th August, a mere 750 candidates received the Invitation to Apply and the cut-off for CRS stood at 538 points. After that, the number of candidates receiving the ITA has increased significantly, being at the highest in the latest draw on November 16.

Significant Changes Expected from November 19

Banking on the success of its present immigration system, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has decided to make further changes in its current rules and regulations.

Candidates with job offer were given 600 CRS points under the present immigration system. Under the revised regulations, only 200 or 50 points will be given to candidates who have job offer.

The immigration governing body of Canada claims that the revision will bring more improvements in the present immigration system. Preference will be given to candidates who have studied in Canada.

Prepare Yourself According to New Immigration Rules of Canada

The need of the hour is to be proactive if you want to get your visa application file approved by the Canadian government. To being with, you should first make yourself familiar with the new rules that will come into effect from November 19. The best way to do so is to consult the leading immigration service provider WWICS.

Have you prepared according to the new changes that will be effective from November 19? Are you confident that your visa application will be approved?

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