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Amritsar is one of the most revered sites of the world. It is one of the largest and most important cities in Punjab and is a major commercial, religious, cultural, and transportation centre. Amritsar has gained tremendous popularity for its gourmet traditions as well.

From a long time Amritsar has also been known as an education hub. However, in recent times it has been seen that not only most of the students here start giving preference to the International education for their higher studies but other skilled workers are also opting the ways to migrate overseas. Therefore, the city has also become home to many leading resettlement service providers.

WWICS Amritsar Branch is the perfect place for all the aspiring immigrants who want to immigrate to their dream country as they can find complete assistance related to their immigration concerns. WWICS Amritsar Branch has an expert team comprised of experienced consultants with a complete knowledge of the immigration proceedings.

Here is a brief look at the services provided by WWICS Amritsar Branch:

Study visa – Do you dream to study in Canada, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, or Europe? Applying for study visa is not easy and many times can be quite confusing as well. You will get the right guidance and assistance on how to apply for study visa at WWICS Amritsar branch. WWICS aims to fulfill your desire to study in your dream overseas university / college in a hassle free manner.

Permanent Residency / skilled worker visa – One of the best ways to get settled in your desired country is obtaining a Permanent Residency Visa of that particular country. There are many programs under which persons may enter and obtain permanent residency in the country of their choice. WWICS Amritsar branch will assist you in finding the program that best suits with your profile.

WWICS strongly recommends to not get misguided by consultants who give big promises. WWICS does not make fake promises as it provides suggestions keeping the best interest of the skilled workers in mind.

Business visa – Business persons and investors have great demand in top economies including Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. The fast-track business and investment programs provide the entrepreneurs a chance to immigrate to their dream countries. WWICS Amritsar branch helps in not just filing cases of clients, but also getting business plans evaluated with due diligence.

WWICS Amritsar branch has helped thousands of people in fulfilling their dream of settling abroad. You can visit WWICS Amritsar branch anytime during the working hours and can get the right guidance. For initial assessment of your profile, do bring in your documents or resume so that consultants can guide you in an appropriate manner.


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