A New Visa Category Introduced by An Australian State for Overseas Applicants

Australia has proved once again as to why it is one of the most popular immigration destination across the world. The annual intake of the country is nearly 200,000, and this creates interest among thousands of visa seekers from all over the globe.

Australia has this skilled independent visa which enable visa holders to settle anywhere in the country. Different states and territories in Australia run their own immigration program. These programs are run as per their respective economic and skills requirement.

Through these programs individual territories nominate applicants who are eligible for skilled migration.

Tasmania, which is an island state on the south coast of Australia has come out with a new visa category for overseas candidates. This will enable people from abroad to live and work in the state for a period of four years and after that it gives them the opportunity to become a permanent resident of Australia.

Starting from the month of July, Tasmania state has opened up a new category in the form of Skilled Regional visa (subclass 489) for overseas applicants. Offshore applicants are eligible to apply for this category.

Visa subclass 489 holders have the permission to stay and work in Tasmania for a period of four years.

A nomination from Tasmania state gives an additional 10 points to the overall score of a skilled visa applicant. This will bring the applicant closer to qualify in point test from Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

After working full time for a minimum period of one year and living in the state for at least two years, a visa holder becomes eligible to apply for permanent resident of Australia.

When you have to apply for this visa, you will be required to nominate an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List of Tasmania. You will also be required to provide sufficient proof of employment from the employer.

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