Non Birth Parents In Canada Will Get Added 8 Weeks Of Parental Leave

Non-Birth Parents in Canada will Get Added 8 Weeks of Parental Leave

The 2018 Federal budget of Canada has come out with a number of incentives in the name of gender equality.

One of the major developments that will be started include an added bonus for adoptive parents, father and same-sex parents, who will be given leave of an extra eight weeks for the birth of a new baby.

This extra amount of time given is particularly for parents which will give their partners the freedom to return to work. Thus, in order to avail the bonus both parents will have to take time off so as to care for their new born baby.

There is no other additional bonuses in this new 18 months parental leave option, but nearly 55% of the income will be compensated. In Quebec this offer provides up to 70% of the income.

The concern that is shown by the Federal government is that there is inequality in this area as nearly 92
% of the parental leave budget are taken by mothers.

It has been stated in the budget that greater equality will come in as additional weeks of benefits is provided, when it comes to distribution of home and family responsibilities and child care.

Greater flexibility has been provided particularly to mothers, as they will be able to come back to work sooner if they decide so, as they are aware that their family has the support that is required.

When there is equality in parental leave, this will result in more equitable hiring practices, and ultimately it will reduce unconscious and conscious discrimination from employers.

The incentive will be made available starting from June 2019. It is expected that the policy will cost the government nearly $1.2 billion in the first five years and after that $344.7 million will be spent every year.

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