Number of Removal Orders Issued to Canadian Immigrants Doubled in Six Years

Canada is known for its welcoming policies for immigrants. Big annual targets are being set by Canada in the recent past to meet its shortage of labor and professional workforce.

Thousands of immigrants have settled happily in Canada and have provided a better future for their family. These immigrants in return have contributed in the development of the economy.

However, the hospitable nature of Canada should not be mistaken that anyone and everyone is welcomed in this country.

Canada follows strict rules when it comes to who enters their country. It might come as a surprise that every year removal orders are issued by Canada to immigrants who do not fulfill the immigration requirements.

The number of removal orders issued to Canadian immigrants has almost doubled from 2008 to 2014. What is more, the success rate of appeals made in the court is less than 10%.

When is Removal Order Issued?

A removal order to a Canadian immigrant is issued when it is found that the person has breached any regulation of the Immigration and Refugees Protection Act (IRPA).

The admissibility of an immigrant is judged by a border officer at the port of entry. In case any discrepancy is found, the border officer will refer such an individual to an immigration officer for further questioning.

The immigration laws of Canada give permission to permanent resident to live in the country once they have obtained their permanent residency status, even in case there is non-compliancy.

However, a report will be issued to such individuals that will ultimately turn into a removal order. These residents enjoy their permanent residency status till the time a final determination is made on the loss of status.

A total of 605 removal orders were issued in 2008 on grounds of non-compliance and in the year 2014, a total of 1413 immigrants have received the removal order.

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