Ontario’s Immigration Streams Reach Nomination Allocation for 2017

One of the most famous Provincial Nominee Programs from Canada, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has reached its allocation for provincial nomination for 2017.

This announcement has come after a busy year for the OINP, which accepted applications under 10 different streams for immigrants. A total of 6,000 nominations were allotted for the year by the most famous province in Canada.

On November 22, an announcement was made by OINP that the program has reached its cap. It has been stated by OINP that all the paid applications that have been submitted already will be processed.

A provincial nomination certificate will be sent to applications that are approved in early 2018 and applicants will be sent notification.

Human Capital Priorities, International Graduate Streams

The popular Express Entry linked program from OINP, the Human Capital Priorities (HCP) Stream saw an active year. The Ontario immigration authorities were busy searching for the Federal Express Entry pool.

The authorities were looking for eligible potential applicants who have the eligible to integrate quickly in the labour market of the province.

In the year 2017, the HCP stream opened and closed a number of times. It opened in November most recently. During the month of May, NOIs were given on a weekly basis through the HCP stream.

In the month of June, the requirement to have a minimum of 400 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points were removed briefly in the stream for some candidates who had work experience in the Information and Communications Technology Sector.

The International Masters and PhD Graduate streams from OINP also opened a number of times in this year. Under this stream, international students who had obtained Master’s or PhD degree in Ontario were allowed to live and work permanently in the province. Applicants who did not had a job offer were also able to apply.

New and Improved Streams

Apart from Human Capital Priorities Stream, a third Express Entry-aligned stream for skilled trades workers was also introduced by OINP in 2017. Ontario also invites aspiring immigrants through an Express Entry-aligned French Speaking Skilled Worker stream.

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