Quebec Immigration Announces Plans for 2018

Get deep information about Quebec Immigration The Quebec province of Canada has prepared and released the Immigration Plan for the year 2018. It is gearing up to welcome a number of business persons, skilled workers and family members to become part of the Quebec Immigration community.

These new plans have been scheduled to be launched during a transition period of Quebec. During this period, the province decides to bring in new immigration system that is based on what is called as ‘declaration of interest’ model.

This immigration system will be quite similar to the Express Entry system that is run by the federal government, in which Quebec do not participate. It is not yet clear as to how this system might work, or how it may function exactly.

The plan discloses two important sets of figures: the target number of people to be admitted to Quebec as new permanent residents and the target number of people to be selected by Quebec and to be given a Quebec Selection Certificates (CSQ).

The CSQ is a document that is given by Quebec which declares that the province has selected a person depending on the criteria that has been set by it. Once an applicant receives a CSQ, the person can deposit an application to the federal immigration authorities for Canadian permanent resident. This application is than reviewed based on criminal and medical admissibility grounds.

Quebec has planned to give nearly 29,000 certificates next year under its skilled worker programs. It contains certificates that are issued as per the Regular Skilled Worker Program, as well as certificates that are given as per the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

The Regular Skilled Worker Program is a program that is based on points. This program has been designed to bring in new immigrants who fulfill a points threshold depending on human capital factors. This includes age, work experience, area of training, prior relationship with Quebec, language proficiency in French and / or English.

Aspiring immigrants should consider that French proficiency is one of the factors, however, it is not the requirement for eligibility for the program.

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