Quebec Expands List of Occupation that Bypass Requirement for LMIA Advertising

The government of Quebec has made changes in the list of occupations that do not require an open advertisement to hire a foreign worker.

Some new jobs have been added to the already existing list.

An employer in Canada who wants to hire a foreign worker is required to put an advertisement for that position at multiples locations before it can apply for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). However, for certain positions this requirement has been uplifted for employers in Quebec.

The simplification of this process is called as ‘facilitated’ LMIA.

Employers who submit their application through the facilitated LMIA do not need to submit proof of recruitment activities. Some of these activities include putting advertisement for the job for a minimum period of twenty-eight days and conducting interviews of candidates who may be able to fill the position.

In case no permanent resident or citizen of Canada is able to fill the position, than the employer can ask from the government of Canada for permission to hire a foreign worker, as the right candidate is not available in the local market.

The updated list of the occupations was published on February 24th and was brought into effect immediately. A 30 days period for the transition is given to companies or their representative who want to hire a foreign worker.

The new list include occupations that were already there in the previous list along with 16 new occupations.

As per the new regulations from the government of Quebec, a foreign worker who wants to apply for any occupation given in the list have to fulfill certain basic requirements. These requirements include having at least a high school diploma or equivalent. In case there is requirement for higher education for any given occupation, a candidate must be able to fulfill the same.

Aspiring immigrant who make a note that this list of occupations is only for workers and is not for business owners.

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