Quebec to Raise New Immigration to 52,500 by 2019

The immigration program of Quebec Province of Canada has always been one of the most sought after among all. As per the latest news update, the government of Quebec is making its immigration programs more generous as it sets a target to bring 51,000 new immigrants in the year 2017.

The news has been confirmed by none other than the immigration minister of Quebec, Kathleen Weil, along with additional details on providing French language-training program to new immigrants.

Putting aside conflict from opposition parties, Weil laid emphasis that the best course for development in the province is to maintain its annual immigration level to above 50,000. The federal government has granted special rights to Quebec province wherein it can select its own economic immigrants.

Economic Immigration To Be Increased by Nearly 5%

By the year 2019, Quebec immigration wants to increase immigration level to 52,500. The majority of the new immigrants, comprising to 59% at present, come through the economic immigration programs namely – Quebec Investor Program, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), and the Quebec Experience Class (PEQ). Quebec wants to increase immigration in this category to 63%.

Speaking in support of increasing immigration in coming years, Weil stated that the province needs young blood to enable the economy to grow at its present level. New plans will be integrated to teach French to new immigrants and to make sure that each of the new immigrant has a job.

Quebec Government to Ensure All New Immigrants are Employed

Weil added that a new job bank will be created, wherein immigrants will be able to match available work with the skills they have before they arrive. All these plans will be in full operation from the New Year. Special preference will be given to people who acquired their education in Canada or those who already have relatives in the country.

New immigrants come to Quebec through the family reunification program that is run by the federal government. In the next year, nearly 11,500 people will reunite with their families in Quebec.

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