Quebec Skilled Worker Program to Accept 5,000 New Applications

A famous immigration program from Canada that is operated by the province of Quebec will accept 5,000 new applications during the next twelve months, according to the announcement.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program provides opportunity to families and individuals to present their candidature in a program that is still following the system of first-come, first-served. This immigration program from Canada is different from other programs across different provinces and at the Federal level that are available there which still use the ‘Expression of Interest’ system.

Aspiring immigrants will have to apply first for a Quebec Selection Certificate to the government of Quebec before they can apply with the federal government for permanent residency of Canada.

The applications are assessed by the government of Quebec depending on the criteria set by them, while the admissibility factors of the applicant are assessed by the federal government.

The announcement for accepting 5,000 new applications has come from the Gazette Officielle du Quebec, where all the regulatory and legislative decisions taken by the Quebec government are listed. It is expected that the intake period for accepting the QSWP applications will happen before 31st March 2018. No update has been received yet on the exact date when this intake period will start.

How QSWP Works

For the latest application cycle, aspiring immigrants will have to submit their application through an online management system. When an account is created by an applicant, he or she is required to put in personal details related to education, work history, civil status, family history and earlier visits to Quebec, if any.

It has not been cleared yet whether the upcoming application cycle will be different from the existing one.

The immigration program of QSWP is based on points. These points are given according to the age, work experience, area of training, proficiency in English and / or French, earlier affiliation with Quebec.

Important note: The intake cap of QSWP is reached very quickly. In case you are not prepared beforehand you may miss out this wonderful opportunity to immigrate to Canada.

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