Ten Years Ban for Visa Applicants Providing False or Misleading Information

New rules will be implemented soon that will bar an aspiring immigrant for ten years in case they provide false or misleading information in their visa application.

These changes in immigration rules have been introduced by promulgating the Migration Legislation Amendment (2017 Measures No. 4) Regulations 2017. These changes will become effective from 18th November 2017.

As per the current regulations, section 4020 of the Public Interest Criterion picks applications who provide false information or fake documents to the Australian Government in the past 12 months before an application is submitted.

With the coming change this period will be stretched to ten years before presenting a visa application. It will bar all those applicants for 10 years in case they provide false information or commit visa fraud.

As per the Immigration Minister, this rule will be implemented in order to prevent applicants to withdraw their applications one they are notified of fraud by the Department only to submit their application again once the 12 months have passed.

Under the new guidelines, any candidate who has given fake documentation or false or deceiving data inside the most recent ten years to the Immigration Department, Migration Review Tribunal or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, might be bolted out of the visa procedure for a long time for their inability to meet the Public Interest Criterion.

The Immigration Department says visa candidates giving false data are probably going to give false and sham data to other government divisions also. It says as of now, such candidates can “effectively endure” the year avoidance period and afterward quickly re-apply.

The Immigration Minister said a 10-year survey period is a “vital, sensible and proportionate” measure to ensure the uprightness of the visa structure.

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