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Immigration to EUROPE


Czech Republic-The gateway to Europe....expand your business

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Central Europe and is a centre of cultural wealth and a unique place to live in and do business. It came in to existence in the year 1993 and enjoys bordering with Austria, Germany, Slovak and Poland with Czech Crown as its Currency. It has Parliamentary Democracy like India and is also a part of European Union since 1994. The President is the head of State and Supreme Legislative body is parliament. PM like India heads the Government. Freedom of religion is there in entire Czech State. Its official Language is Czech besides English and other languages being spoken by its residents. Asians are well settled here and doing business. In Prague you can find out Indian Restaurants, Chinese Restaurant and foods by all people to like it. People are friendly and they respect the law above all. The atmosphere of Czech towns and villages remained always a source of attraction and inspiration for Visitors from all over the world. The climate is cold in winter and warm in summer. It is connected with all countries of the World by Air and with trains also with European Countries. Prague is the Capital of Czech Republic. Opportunities in Czech Republic

There are particular opportunities for Indians in the following sectors:

  • Design and creative and media (films)- Indian businesses can capitalize on their international reputation in this sector.
  • Spices, Food and drink - Czechs' tastes are widening, high number of international visitors to the country. Indian Restaurants are very popular.,
  • Consumer goods - increasing demand for Artificial Jewellery, clothing and fashion, furnishing textiles, accessories and toiletries, Household goods.
  • Advanced engineering - potential for manufacturing cooperation; niche export opportunities in the automotive and aerospace sectors.
  • Biotechnology - a priority growth area for the Czech government
  • Healthcare - healthcare management services, medical devices and lifestyle product
  • Innovation - multi-sector, e.g. nanotechnology.
  • Training and education - demand is increasing as companies invest in human resources; availability of EU funds for projects.
  • Tourism transportation business, taxies etc.
  • Industrial textiles - an expanding sector. Various options available in Import & Export.
Why Czech Republic?

For several years now, the Czech Republic has been attracting the attention of investors from all over the world. An outcome for this is easy to see: a strong and growing economy, equitable and stable conditions, a qualified workforce and the low cost of doing & establishing a business. For that reason, the Czech Republic is showing consistent yearly growth of capital investments and a growing number of multinational, economically mature companies coming here to do business. The Czech Republic has over the last two decades rapidly raised the country's standard of living, developed its service sector and concentrated on implementing important economic reforms. The country has also laid the groundwork for its continued development, particularly within the European economy.

  • It is a part of Schengen Zone and is located in the center of Europe and one can do business with all 27 European Countries by incorporating company there.
  • Ability to get Permanent Residency within 5 years.
  • Social Security benefits.
  • A higher Standard of life.
  • Opportunity to do job by applying there as Work permit by the co-owner of the business.
  • Lots of Investment opportunities
  • Cost of living is more cheaper here than other European Countries.
  • Per capita income is US $ 25395 (Rs.12,18,960) whereas it is 2765 US $ I n India(Rs.132720).
  • Cost of establishing a business is lowest as compared to other European Countries.
  • It is one of the best 15 countries to live in as per Forbes list.
  • The Crime rate and corruption is lowest as compared to other countries of the world.
  • There is no shortage of Gas, Electricity ands water there.
  • People are friendly and live and let live is there policy.
  • Benefits like children allowance, social allowance, Housing allowance, parental allowance, birth grant etc are admissible to its residents.

WWICS helps in immigration to Czech with all dependent family members (dependent child is up to 18 years of age) It is a fast track program. The best way to seek permanent immigration is to get a company registered in Czech, obtain Long term Visa and then after 5 years get PR to Czech. Now the processing time is much lower than in the past. We have made agreements with European facilitators in Czech who provide services and guidance in a very short time. Now we can obtain Long Term Visa within a period of 8 to 12 months.


   A) All persons who have the intention to establish business in Czech.
   B) Who have good communication skill in English.
   C) Have sufficient funds in Bank i.e. around INR 5 lakhs.

The process is very easy. Only few documents are required.

WWICS helps its clients, the aspirants to do business in Czech and other European Countries and there successful relocation there. From the date of retaining the services till landing we guide the clients including documentation. WWICS is receiving enquiries from lots of aspirants in India and abroad for guidance. The guidance and procedure is totally scientific and now in a short span of time one can expect getting Visa there with their family members.

Company is registered in Czech Republic with the help of the consortium.

The company so registered can remain dormant for three years and during that period, even if a profit of 100 is shown in the third year,
the legal formalities will be completed. The owner of the company and the dependent members of the family become eligible to permanent residency after 5 years un-interrupted stay in Czech Republic. Thereafter they can live and work or do business in any country in the European Union.

Qualifying Criteria :--

  • 1. Intention to setup bussiness in Czech Republic.
  • 2. English Knowledge.
  • 3. Rupees 5 Lac (Cash) in bank account.

For getting more information, please contact: -

Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd.
A-12, Industrial Area, Phase 6, Mohali, Punjab, India
Phone: +91-172-4698200, 4698300
For Business Immigration:   1. Mr B Jolly  
                                              2. Mr Dharminder 
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The prospective immigrants to Europe can also contact the nearest branch of WWICS or its associate company for getting quick and fast services of the consortium.