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Why work in Denmark

  • World’s happiest country
  • World’s honest country
  • Net wages rate are very high other than EU countries
  • Free education for children
  • People speak English
  • Unemployment only 2%
  • Low housing cost
  • Low crime rate

Denmark facts

Location: - Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, on a peninsula north of Germany (Jutland); also includes two major islands (Sjaelland and Fyn)
Climate: - temperate, humid and overcast, mild, windy winters and cool summers
Literacy: - 99%
Capital: - Copenhagen
Average cost of living: - USD 2,300 per month (avg.)
Average wage: - USD 3,200 per month (avg.)
Average Savings: - USD 900 per month

The Greencard scheme

Danish Immigration Service grants a three-year Residence Permit to eligible applicants for living and working in Denmark. Under the Greencard scheme, a residence and work permit is issued on the basis of a point system designed to assess the eligibility of the applicant, who will find qualified work in Denmark.

To obtain a residence permit under Greencard scheme, the applicant must attain at least 100 points. Points are given for:

  • Educational level;
  • Language skills:
  • Work experience;
  • Adaptability; and
  • Age

An applicant and accompanying family members must have health insurance covering till he/ she is covered by the Danish national health insurance.

In addition, the applicant must be able to support himself/ herself during first year in Denmark. The applicant must produce document that he/she dispose of an amount equal to monthly start aid amount. Bank statement is one of the documents to prove the funds.

Educational level

To obtain points for education, an applicant must have completed:

  • Bachelor's degree followed by one-year Master's degree
  • Master’s degree
  • PhD

An applicant can obtain bonus points, if he/ she had graduated from an internationally recognised university. Further an applicant can obtain bonus points, if his/ her education qualifies to work in a field where Denmark is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals.

Language skills
Points for language skills can be obtained, if the applicant has cleared IELTS with overall 6.5 bands.

Work experience
An applicant must have 3-5 years work experience in the occupation given in the Positive List to obtain qualifying points under this factor.

An applicant can obtain points for either education or work.

  • Completed at least one year's study at a higher educational program in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland
  • Completed at least three years' study at a higher educational program in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland


  • At least one full year's (12 consecutive months') legal residence and work in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland
  • At least two consecutive year's legal residence and work in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland
    In addition, the applicant can obtain bonus points for Danish language skills (passed exam in Danish Language Test, Level 2 (Prøve i Dansk 2) or higher).

The age of the applicant should be between 30-40 years

Financial sufficiency
Applicant should have capacity to show the financial sufficiency of minimum INR 600,000 for each individual

Duration of Visa
Under the scheme, residence permit can be granted up to 3-years with a possibility of extension up to 4-years.

Positive List

Academic Work Project Manager, Statistician, Architect, Planning Officer, Engineers (Construction, Building, Electronic, Mechanical, Plastic, Production, Ship, Chemical, Environmental, Export, Planning), Senior Lecturer, Professor, Accountant, HR Consultant, Business Economist, Financial Controller, Business Controller, Lawyer, Business Analysts, Marine Engineer
Construction Architectural technician
Hotel Restaurant Kitchen CanteenClinical dietician
IT & Telecommunication IT Manager, Database developer, IT Operation Manager, Software developer, Web designer, System developer, Network Consultant, IT Sales person, System Administrator, Webmaster
Management CEO, Production Manager, Branch Manager, Head of School, Head of Institution, Shop Manager, Nursing home matron, Head of day-care center, Administrative Manager, Finance Manager, Area Manager, Head of the Dept., HR Manager, Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager, Accounting Manager
Educational, social and religious workerEducational Advisor, Social educator, Social worker
Sales, Purchase & Marketing Key Account Manager, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Coordinator, Account Manager
Education & Tuition Specialist teacher, Continuation school teacher, Educational Advisor

Government fees
Residence & work permit fees
INR 5,600 + 1,050 (handling charges) for each person in favour “Royal Danish Embassy payable at New Delhi
In addition visa fees is INR 3,750

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