Who are the New Immigrants to Canada and Where are they Going?

The latest data released by the Government of Canada indicates that Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario continue to be the most preferred destinations for new immigrants who are coming to the country to settle here permanently.

Apart from this, it is worth noting here that one out of every three new immigrants are citizens of India. This shows that the two countries has strong relationship with each other. The remaining 67% of the immigrants are from various other countries, and this can be seen in the table given below.

It should be remembered here that nearly one-third of the candidates who were invited in the year 2016 belonged to a country that is not mentioned in this table.

These reports have been put out by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that access the Express Entry system on various other parameters for the year 2016 and it was published this week.

The report also finds a direct relation between the high number of immigrants coming from India and the demand for skilled workers and IT professionals in Canada. A large number of invited candidates in the year 2016 were from the IT field.

The three most sought after occupations among the candidates invited last year included software engineers, information systems analysts and consultants, interactive media developers and computer programmers.

When talking about the destinations that are preferred by new immigrants, there is no surprise that Alberta, BC and Ontario have come out at the top. According to assessment from IRCC, this preference of destination is because of the immigration system that was there before the Express Entry system and can be explained by a number of factors including services, community connections, jobs and infrastructure.

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