Canada and Australia Make Immigration Policies More Friendly for Immigrants

Canada and Australia are the two most sought after destinations for immigrants across the globe. Both the countries have open door policies when it comes to welcoming immigrants in the country.

Both, Canada and Australia have framed rules and regulation that makes it easy for aspiring immigrant to apply for permanent residency for Canada or Australia.

Canada Proposed Major Changes in Immigration Policies

When we talk about Canada, the country is in plans to increase the number of immigration happening every year, which is of 300,000 immigrants. The country is in plans to make it easy for permanent residents of Canada to become a citizen of India.

Changes are also being made to make it easy for temporary residents of Canada to become a permanent resident of the country. This change, when implemented, will give equal rights to people who had been living in Canada as temporary workers till now.

The government of Canada is also making efforts to equally distribute immigrants in all parts of Canada. It has been observed that a large portion of immigrants settle only in big cities of Canada, such as Toronto.

Immigration to Australia Made Easy

Talking about immigration policies followed by Australia, the government is making plans to make it easier for aspiring immigrants to come and settle in the country. Recently, some politicians raised a debate concerning putting a ban on Muslim immigrants entering the country.

It was in the news that a large portion of Australian population wanted to put a ban on immigration of Muslim. The debate was, however, soon nullified by Australian government, stating that immigration to the country has never discriminated people on the basis of the origin and religious background of the person.

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