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Canada Commits $10 Million under Its Foreign Credential Recognition Program to Help Newcomers Find Work and Enter the Job Market Faster

Canada is recognized as an international leader when it comes to the settlement and integration of newcomers. However, internationally trained newcomers to Canada sometimes have to face challenges in getting their credentials recognized to find good-quality jobs.

Nevertheless, the Government of Canada is committing up to $10 million under its Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Program for projects designed to help internationally trained newcomers to get their credentials recognized and get their first Canadian work experience so that they can join the Canadian workforce faster.

The money will provide a maximum of $800,000 each for 15 projects under FCR Program designed to provide employment supports for highly skilled newcomers and to facilitate their foreign credential recognition process.

According to a statement issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), the Canadian government is on the lookout for “innovative and collaborative concepts from stakeholders that can help to address specific barriers to the integration of highly skilled newcomers into the Canadian labour market. Through this call for concepts, we are giving more newcomers a fair chance at success in Canada.”

ESDC said the call for concepts is open to qualified stakeholders including regulatory bodies, professional associations and unions involved in foreign credential recognition and the integration of highly skilled foreign newcomers into the Canadian labour market.

Concept submissions are due by April 11, 2019. The Selected candidates will then be invited to develop and submit a full project proposal.

The Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Program works with Canada’s provinces, territories and stakeholders including non-profit organizations, post-secondary institutions, regulatory bodies and employers to fund and implement programs aimed to facilitate the assessment and recognition of professional credentials obtained outside Canada so skilled immigrants can find suitable employment and enter the job market faster.

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