Canada Sets To Make Global Talent Stream (GTS) Programme A Permanent Scheme

Canada Sets to Make Global Talent Stream (GTS) Programme a Permanent Scheme

Canada is set to make the Global Talent Stream (GTS) programme, which offers a hassle-free and fast pathway to work in the country, a permanent scheme following calls to do so from Canada’s burgeoning tech sector.

This will benefit aspiring Indians (including those currently living and working in the US) with a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) background, to make the most of emerging job opportunities that the maple country offers.

Under Global Talent Stream (GTS) programme, processing of applications filed by sponsoring employers takes just two weeks. The cherry on the cake is that those hired under this route can gain valuable work experience in Canada, which will eventually give them an edge when applying for permanent residency under the Express Entry – a point-based immigration system.

Launched in June 2017 for an initial two-year run, the Global Talent Stream enables Canadian employers to hire high-skilled foreign workers to fill essential roles in their businesses and organizations. Foreign workers who have the necessary skills to fill these positions are given priority processing for work permits, meaning that they can come to Canada faster and get to work more quickly! Since its introduction, more than 2,000 workers have been approved under this pilot.

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) programme has two categories.

  1. Category A: this category requires the sponsoring employer (an innovative company) to be validated by a designated referral partner such as regional development agencies.

The employers must be seeking to hire ‘unique and specialized talent’ under this category.

  1. Category B: under category B, the sponsoring employers must demonstrate that they are seeking to fill in occupations on the ‘Global Talent Occupation List’ and need to hire highly skilled international workers.

The stipulated wage requirements must be met in both the cases. Category A requires annual salary of at least Canadian dollar (CAD) 80,000 for the first 2 applications while for subsequent applications, it is CAD 1.50 lakh. On the other side, under Category B salaries are mainly based on prevailing wages.

The GTS requires employers to prove that they will create lasting benefits for the Canadian labour market, therefore, only the top businesses are approved to hire through this pilot.

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