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Thousands of engineers with international qualifications immigrate to Canada every year. Representing around 12 per cent of licensed engineers in Canada, immigrant engineers mostly work in the fields of civil, industrial, electrical, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering. A recently published labour market study by Engineers Canada features important trends in the economic market for engineers in Canada.

According to the “Engineering Labour Market in Canada: Projections to 2020” report released by Engineers Canada, Canada is facing a short supply of engineers with over 10 years of specialized experience.

The report projects that around 95,000 professional engineers in Canada will retire by 2020 and the country can face a severe skills shortage as the workforce cannot be replaced fast enough by incoming Canadian or experienced internationally trained graduates. On the bright side, this clearly suggests that there’s great opportunity for bright young engineers to carve out a career path in engineering sector in Canada.


Since all engineering specialties are experiencing labour shortages in Canada, engineers of all creeds are in great demand this year. However, those with a Professional Engineer certification under their belt have excellent employment prospects. The list of the best engineering jobs include electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and project engineer holding the top three positions. Nevertheless, all engineering disciplines will remain highly employable in 2019.


The majority of Canadian cities offer great employment opportunities to engineers and the demand for each occupation differs from one province to the other. However, the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta offer a real concentration of employment opportunities in engineering field, especially in the construction, mining and energy sectors. Northern Ontario also offers excellent opportunities in the mining sector.


Professional engineers have opportunities to be employed at construction companies, public power generation & utilities companies, manufacturing companies, mining companies as well as at various levels of government & consulting engineering firms.

The demand for engineers in Canada is particularly high at the middle level, as due to retiring population companies are facing a big challenge to find senior level engineers. Though engineers immigrating there might not get a senior level job immediately, but they have a good chance to start at a bit lower level and work their way up in a few years.

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