Foreign Nationals Stranded By US Executive Order Given Helping Hand By Temporary Public Policy From Canada

Foreign Nationals Stranded by US Executive Order Given Helping Hand by Temporary Public Policy from Canada

The latest example of the generous, compassionate and humanitarian nature of Canada towards immigrants comes in the form of the Temporary Public Policy passed by the Canadian government.

This temporary public policy has been passed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) – a government body that looks after refugees and immigration matters in Canada.

The policy allows foreign nationals in Canada affected by the executive order from President Donald Trump to apply for temporary visa to live in Canada.

The US executive order has put a ban of 90 days on citizens from seven countries from entering the United States of America. An indefinite ban has been imposed on Syrian citizens.

Canadian immigration minister Ahmed Hussen, during a press conference, gave assurance to people stranded in Canada due to US executive order that they can extend their stay or apply for temporary resident visa (TRV) in case the need arises.

No fee will be charged from people who submit their application for temporary residency.

In order to obtain the TRV, an applicant have to explain as to how he or she is affected by the executive order and have to show that they fulfill the admissibility criteria set by Canada.

This new public policy comes as a sigh of relief to thousands of people who are left at nowhere because of the new rule from Donald Trump.

Designated officers have been asked to consider exemptions in the Immigration and Refugees Protection Act (IRPA) for people who are coming from Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Iran and Syria.

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