Migrant Visas Fast Tracked For Regional Australia Under $19 Million Plan

Migrant Visas Fast-Tracked For Regional Australia under $19 Million Plan

Here’s great news for skilled migrants who are willing to live in regional Australia as they will have their visa applications accelerated under a $19.4 million plan announced by federal government.

The step has been taken to curb population growth and distribute the population of skilled individuals homogeneously across the country to avert congestion issues that places like Melbourne and Sydney are experiencing.

Under the plan, a total of $19.4 million will be channelized over a time period of four years wherein the officials of the Government will address the shortage of skilled workers for local businesses in regional areas by travelling and identifying the opportunities in these areas.

Moreover, there will be priority processing for visas sponsored by employers in regional areas as well as agreements where local councils are able to hire workers from overseas.

The plan comes in line with the previous announcements wherein migrants could be asked to spend a minimum of five years in a regional area to obtain permanent residency. The announcements also included cuts to Australia’s annual migration intake to curb the issues of congestion in big cities regarding population and infrastructure, including roads, transport, education, health and many other services.

It is to be noted that Australia’s permanent migration intake is capped at 190,000 people annually, but has been able to achieve only about 160,000 over the past few years. However, experts believe that the country doesn’t seem to have planned well for the future as its total population reached 25 million earlier than expected.



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