Number Of Indians Obtaining Canadian

Number of Indians obtaining Canadian permanent residency jumps 51% in 2018 (WWICS: 11201907Ga1540)

There has always been a great inclination among the Indian diaspora to obtain Canadian permanent residency and the number of Indian citizens in Canada has soared greatly in recent years.

According to recently released statistics, during 2018, Canada admitted over 92,000 new permanent entry residents through its express entry system, which is a rise of 41% over 2017. Out of these 92,000 new invitations, more than 39,500 went to Indians.

In 2017, Canada had admitted around 65,500 new permanent residents under the express entry route, of which 40% (around 26,300) were Indian applicants. The number of Indian citizens received Canadian permanent residency in 2018 has increased by 51% from 2017.

On the other side, China, which occupied second rank during 2017, slipped to third rank with only nearly 5,800 Chinese obtaining Canadian permanent residence in 2018 while Nigeria occupied the second slot with

Canada is one of the world’s top destinations for international migrants. Canada’s government is keen to welcome highly educated and technically skilled professionals from across the world. The country is set to welcome more than one million new permanent residents by the year 2021 as per its multiyear immigration plan.

Apart from government’s fast and easy pathways for skilled immigrants to settle in Canada; changed immigration policies and perception towards immigrants in other countries also contributed in Canada’s rise as the top destination for skilled immigrants.

As US President Donald Trump scraps one more immigration policy of the Obama era, many skilled immigrants aiming to acquire the coveted Green Card are finally jumping ship and migrating next door—to Canada! On the other hand, Australia is also revamping its immigration system at the same time when Canada is expanding its visa programs and welcoming skilled professionals with open arms. Besides, participation of Canadian provinces with PNP Streams can also be considered as one of the key factors behind skilled professional’s inclination towards Canada.

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