The Support Received from WWICS Office in Kuwait was Really Great

Dear WWICS Team,

I’d like to thank you for supporting and helping me throughout my application process, which approximately finished in 8 months only. From the beginning every member in the team showed great efforts. WWICS team always gave the right advice in the right time and informed me on every step.

The support that I received from WWICS office in Kuwait was really great, for that special thanks to Mr. Milson, who followed up with me on each step and always answered my questions and gave me the right advice. Mr.Milson really you are the topper.

I must also thank Ashwani, Gaurav from the India office and Chutto and Manish from Kuwait office for their great efforts.

Finally, I appreciate the support I receive from each member in the team.

Thanks and best regards,

Shenouda Hanna

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