USA-E2- “Invest USD 300,000 in restaurant Business and become US resident in 3 months” (WWICS: 03202003Ga1702)

The E2 investor visa is a non-immigrant visa designed for foreign entrepreneurs of countries that have a Treaty of Trade and Commerce with the United States. E2 investor visa allows foreign investors to enter and work inside of the United States based on a substantial investment in a legitimate enterprise.

The E2 visa is generally issued for two or five year periods and can be renewed indefinitely as long as the business concerned is viable and generating “more than enough revenue” to support the investor’s family.

Program Highlights and Benefits

  • Unlimited number of extensions
  • Investor’s spouse and dependent children under 21 years old may be included
  • Investor’s spouse can apply to work anywhere in the U.S.
  • Expeditious processing: U.S. E-2 visa can generally be obtained within 3 months
  • Free high-school education for children in the U.S. with E-2 visa and in-state college tuition rates
  • E-2 can have the potential to be converted to EB-5 over the course of time
  • Investor and dependents may spend time in the U.S. without being subject to world-wide income tax


For high-net-worth individuals, who wish to enter in US through E2 Visa program, WWICS brings an exclusive TERIYAKI MADNESS INVESTMENT PROGRAM. Under this program, applicant needs to make an investment of USD 300, 000 in popular US chain of restaurantsTeriyaki Madness (“TMAD”).

Program Highlights

As the E-2 investor, you will:

  • Invest USD300,000 in a newly formed Teriyaki Madness restaurant with one other E-2 Investor in a location chosen by TMAD Experts
  • Participate in distributions from income of your restaurant
  • Participate in any gains and receive the balance of your capital account if you and the team ever decide to sell
  • Class A Members will receive 80% of the income distributions from the restaurant, half of which belongs to you

E-2 treaty

The E-2 treaty ‘Investor Visa’ signed between Grenada and the United States allows citizens of Grenada to operate a substantial business in the U.S. and reside there. Some of the E2 treaty Countries are – Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordon, UK, etc.

Many countries in the world including China and India do not have an E-2 treaty with the USA. In such circumstances investors can obtain citizenship of Grenada first and then apply for a USA E2 Visa

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