Why Apply for Nova Scotia PNP with an Immigration Consultant?

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry program is one of the most popular Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). This program is highly suitable for all those who have an active profile in the Express Entry system and have experience in any of the In-demand occupations in Nova Scotia.

In case you fulfill these criteria, than all you have to do is submit your application in there and wait for the nomination to be received.

Unfortunately, it is here that many of the aspiring immigrants come to a dead end. The fact is it is a big challenge to submit your application for Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program.

You must be proficient in your trade or profession, familiar with all the ins and outs, but applying for provincial nomination program is a totally different field, something that should be left to those who know the field.

There should be no inhibition in taking the service of an immigration consultant provided the consultant is a legitimate one and does not hold you on fake promises.

What makes Nova Scotia PNP Difficult?

The Provincial Nominee Program of Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry system is one of the limelight program for immigrating to Canada. There are two categories in this program:

  1. Category A: Express Entry candidates who have a valid full-time job offer from an employer from Nova Scotia can apply for this category. Most of the Express Entry candidates are not eligible for this category.

  2. Category B: Express Entry candidates who have a minimum of 12 months of work experience in one of the In-demand occupations can apply for this category. It is comparatively easy to qualify for this category as compared to Category A.

The Category A of the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program accepts applications at all times. You, as an aspiring immigrant can submit the application as and when you are ready to go.

The Category B is much more difficult to deal with when it comes to submitting the application. The biggest factor to deal with is this category remains closed for the majority of the year. It usually opens roughly 3 – 4 times in a year for a brief intake period.

During this time period, nearly 250 applications are accepted before being closed back again. An announcement about the opening of the category is made at times by the province, but at other times no previous intimation is given.

Considering the fact that you remain busy in your own trade or profession, it will be quite difficult for you to keep track of when the Nova Scotia PNP program will open.

It is here that you will need the assistance of a registered and genuine immigration consultant who can keep you updated on the current trend in Express Entry system and present your case with the immigration authorities as and when required.

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