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  • As William Shakespeare has said ‘I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks’. With past experience of my life, I thanked Almighty God, my parents & Teachers/mentors in my daily prayers for making me what I am today. From today I have included entire WWICS team in that thanksgiving list. As you people have realized my dream come true for immigration to CANADA. Journey would not have been that easy without your support & cooperation. Now a wonderful future waits ahead. Keep up this noble service of touching the life of all your clients as you did mine. And we'll remember you in our prayers. Best wishes for the entire WWICS Team.

    Navjot Singh Bedi (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • Heartiest Thanks to all of you. I got my PR successfully and well before time. I am grateful to entire WWICS Team for guiding me, assessing my academic qualification and handling my case in a best way. I really appreciate your sincere efforts to make me n my family feel blessed and blossom. I have no words to thank this hardworking team. May this relationship be strong forever n ever. I express my gratitude with these words “You nurtured & guided me, taught me with great care, and every time I needed you, you were always there.”

    Upma Sharma (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I think thank you is too small a word through which I express my gratitude for the dedication, perseverance and honesty you have shown towards making my dreams come true. I must thank god for directing me to. WWICS has given a new dimension to the Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. Kudos to team WWICS! You people can do magic. You people will be in our prayers always. It is the most professional well-knitted organisation I have ever come across. Please continue the good work to fulfil other's dream too.

    Arindam Biswas (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the immense support and help provided by WWICS in making my dream for a PR to Canada a great success. My sincere, thanks to the hands that made my journey easier and achieve my goal, goes to each and every member of WWICS for their wonderful cooperation and round the clock availability with a ready answer to all my queries. I am extremely glad for choosing WWICS for my processing for Canada and have also recommended it to many. I wish all the best for the future endeavors and pray that you are able to make more dreams come true. Keep up the good work.

    Sindhu Varghese (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • Thank you so much for all your efforts and guidance in the processing of my application. Your timely efforts and suggestions have helped me in getting my Visa early. Even after filing case for Canada, I was interested in going to Australia and I remember that the very first day you informed me when NSW state sponsorship got open. Thanks again for that. WWICS has made all the process hassle free, no matter how many calls/mails I have made - You have been very patient in dealing with all our apprehensions and clearing the doubts. You give all the relevant and correct information to the client and do not provide false information just to fetch some money. I would definitely suggest WWICS to others as well. WWICS is one of the reliable and professional consultancies.

    Manpreet Kaur (Skilled Visa Australia)

  • It is with great pleasure we are writing this testimonial to thank WWICS for their invaluable help, professional approach and excellent service from start to finish in enabling our family to obtain Australian PR. We were particularly impressed by your thoroughness in ensuring we had all the evidence and data required so that everything proceeded very smoothly. We are really grateful for your prompt and quick response to our queries. We would gladly recommend your services to others wanting to follow the same route. Once again, a very big thank you.

    Lijo John (Skilled Visa Australia)

  • I am thankful to the entire team of WWICS for making my PR visa positive. Thanks a lot, especially for making dreams come true. God Bless you.

    Anupam Goyal (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I had a very great experience with WWICS. The process was smooth and updates were on time, things were transparent and clear with no ambiguity. I would like to express my gratitude towards the entire team of WWICS who handled my case very strongly.

    Suvarna Vyavahare (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I would like to thank all the staff involved in success of my file. I take this opportunity to thank you all on behalf of myself and my family.

    Sanjiv Farmer (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you are doing at WWICS. When I first signed the contract in June 2014, honestly I was a little worried about the service I would get. However after interacting with you for a year I can proudly say I had made the best choice by agreeing to sign the spousal sponsorship contract with you last year. You have been absolutely fantastic in guiding me promptly. Not only have you met my requests but you have gone over and above my best expectations. It is truly your knowledge, work experience, hard work, dedication and your patience that I received my husband’s sponsorship visa yesterday. I just wanted to make sure you know how much you are valued and appreciated. Once again I thank you for your assistance and I really appreciate your excellent customer service and admirable work ethics.

    Nikhat Subhani (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I am writing this letter in appreciation of the staff of WWICS for the timely and efficient guidance that I received, in support of my application for PR status to Canada. I had applied for Permanent residence status for Canada in the month of June 2014. I am very happy to inform you that I received my Visa stamping in February 2015. I am very content with the way WWICS handled my case with care and proper understanding of the situation. I would like to congratulate WWICS for a commendable job and wish them all the success in the future.

    Kumar Gaurav Sharma (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • We think thank you is too small words through which we can express our gratitude for the dedication and honesty WWICS has shown in making our dreams come true. We still remember the day we first came to your office with dreams in our eyes and a certain extent of apprehension on December 22, 2013. After visiting WWICS, we knew we were in safe hands. Kudos to team WWICS! You people can do magic. You people will be in our prayers always. It is the most professional well-knitted organization we have ever come across. Please continue the good work to fulfill dreams of others too.

    Aritra Bhattacharya, Tannistha Mahalanabis (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I would like to thank you and all the members of your team who worked hard to advise/guide us for processing and final approval of landing visa by CIC. Your team's work is really appreciated and further advice on how to proceed hereafter is solicited.

    Harry Sekhon (Skilled Visa Canada )

  • I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding service provided by WWICS throughout the process starting from my application to Australia. I really commend the prompt service provided by WWICS and I would like to thank the team for their extended support and patience. I am really pleased with the knowledge and skills of your staff. Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship that means more than just making a sale. I would love to recommend your company to anyone who needs immigration service in the future. Keep up the good work.

    Mohamed Gawad (Skilled Visa Australia )

  • Canada had always been my dream destination and thanks to WWICS who made my dream come true. WWICS is very professional and its staff kept me informed about my case as well as expedited the complicated paperwork in a very timely manner. I was amazed to see that the way every minute details in the documentation process was handled by the staff with complete professionalism. Even though there were many bumps on the road, the efficiency and capability of WWICS was proven in achieving this success. I look forward for the same reciprocation in Post landing assistance when I land in Canada. I have a couple of friends who would need assistance and guidance in future while filing their case for immigration. I will definitely recommend them to seek WWICS services. I would like to congratulate WWICS for a commendable job and wish them all the success in the future.

    Kunal Thakur (Skilled Visa Canada )

  • Thanks WWICS. I got PR for Canada and it was an amazing experience to get it done from your company. I was in a doubt when I approached this company but the staff made it easy for me to trust WWICS. I thank all the personnel who are directly or indirectly involved in processing my file. I would definitely recommend WWICS to people in my field so that they could be in safer hands. Thanks once again.

    Sonika Sharma (Skilled Visa Canada )

  • I never thought I will move abroad but the day I made up my mind I could not think of anyone else but WWICS. After all WWICS has been a name that has been resounding for ages now. Since a very young age I had been hearing about people going abroad through WWICS. I won't deny that I went to other consultants for counseling but, I could not muster the courage and faith to apply my file through any other consultancy. And, I am happy that WWICS lived up to my expectations. I was well tended to from the very first day. The counseling was exhaustive, thorough and customized as per my qualifications and work experience. Even after my file was sent I was getting proper communication for the progress and that was very re-assuring. Now that everything is done, I am very excited and ready to start a new life in Canada. I have already referred a couple of my friends to WWICS and will keep doing so in the future for anyone who wants to move abroad. WWICS is clearly the best in the business.

    Gurneet Singh (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I would like to thank you and your complete team for being a helpful partner. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. I consider the WWICS team a partner who has proven to be trustworthy in decision making, reliable in time commitments and overall consistent in meeting our expectations. Excellent service all the way around from start to finish, keeps up the great work. The service and personal attention was extraordinary.

    Gurinder Singh Cheema (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I would like to thank WWICS for their 24*7 support with my documentation and queries. My experience for Canada's case has been wonderful and the team took care of my whole process with vigilance and in a timely manner. I would surely recommend WWICS to others specially because of such a pleasing service.

    Aabha Sharma (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I applied for federal skilled worker program in Canada through WWICS in 2014. I am lucky that I have got a chance to do all my proceedings through WWICS. The staff made us all things clear on the very first day regarding all the steps like IELTS score requirement, points required, expenditure involved for the complete processing. We were never bothered regarding our payments as they helped us by making drafts and cheques through their own official channels. Till now we are satisfied in all prospective through the service being provided by the organization. We are very thankful to the organization for all the services.

    Navreet Kaur (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • I came across WWICS Consultants through my cousin who had also applied for Canadian study visa. He gave me a very good review about the consultancy. WWICS team is very professional, friendly and has been very patient enough to explain all processes in detail and they were always available to clarify any queries/concerns. I am really enjoying my time in Concordia University and thanks for all your help and guidance. Strongly recommended.

    Ovais Moin (Student Visa-Concordia University, Canada)

  • I would like to convey my heartiest gratitude to all the staff members of WWICS who worked on my case. This has been one of my biggest dreams of life and it would not be possible without support of WWICS people. I will definitely recommend my friends and colleagues to go for WWICS, who need to apply for Canada in future. Once again thanks to the full team of WWICS and hope to get the same support during the post landing service.

    Harpreet Singh Nijjar (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • It is my extraordinary delight to compose this letter in backing of WWICS, and their staff who has helped in handling my case for my further studies in Canada. I have distinct fascination in studying abroad because I discover their methods of teaching are significantly good than in my country. However, I had no clue how to process my record for further studies in abroad. I became acquainted with WWICS through one of my colleague. I looked about the achievements of the foundation and it set aside less time for me to conclude that I would be preparing my record from WWICS . When I initially came to their office every single individual from the organization were extremely useful. The staff brought forward well suited courses and ideas for my consideration, and did it all in a timely manner and with excellent communication skills. Thank you so much.

    Ramanbahadur Singh Janda (Student Visa (Centennial College, Canada))

  • I appreciate the outstanding customer service that the WWICS staff provided throughout my PR Visa Process. I visited WWICS in May 2014. Your staff was very attentive, knowledgeable and helpful and seemed genuinely interested in helping me by answering all my queries practically that met my needs rather than just being focused in attracting the clients. Because of their efforts, I was able to find exactly what I needed and I am very satisfied with my approach to WWICS. I will continue to visit and recommend it to others too. You have put together a great team that makes customers feel respected and valued. Keep up the good work. Once again thank you WWICS team for the virtuous service and I wish each individual and the company a lot of success.

    Bharath (Skilled Visa (Canada))

  • I would like to thank WWICS group for their extended support and guidance to help me achieve my skilled visa for Australia. The entire team was very supportive, professional and ready to clarify all my queries and concerns with keen interest. The team was always available to answer quickly and responsive as and when I needed. I really appreciate your efforts and your extended co-operation to help clients. I must admit, WWICS is the best! I would definitely recommend the organization for any visa related requirements.

    Azra Farheen Mohammed Amin (Skilled Visa (Australia))

  • Uncertain about my future plannings, it was a hot noon of May 2014, when I walked into WWICS Chandigarh office. Then onwards there was no looking back or hassles - be it apt advices from members of WWICS or be it timely documentation. Everybody has been exceedingly supportive and responsive in making the whole process seamless. In short, I cannot imagine of a immigration case without WWICS! IMMIGRATION and WWICS are synonyms in my dictionary!!! THANKS ONCE AGAIN.

    Rohit Saini (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • The news of securing Canadian visa on PR basis was indeed very enthralling and at the same time reaffirms the expertise of WWICS in preparing and forwarding the case in best manner. The first thought to move abroad brought many unanswered questions to the forefront. And hence started the hunt to look out for appropriate partner who could give right guidance and unambiguously explain the process. As this was a big decision, i wanted to hand over my case to someone whom i could trust. And all these became compelling reasons to opt for WWICS and as on date i feel extremely fortunate to have made this decision. Not only was my case well managed , but the team was unconditionally available all the time. Everything went with extreme easiness. Big thanks to the team.

    Manveer Grewal (Skilled Visa Canada)

  • Coming to WWICS was great because they really took the time to get to know me and put me forward for course selection and university in USA that suited my skills and personality. Unlike other Immigration agencies, WWICS consultants suggested me perfect course according to my ability and potential rather than just placing me in similar positions I had held in the past. I have been dealing with WWICS for more than 4 months and their service has always been excellent. Their understanding of the customer needs and culture of the organization enables them to provide me with high caliber applicants. They have always been professional, honest and reliable and I would not hesitate in recommending WWICS to anyone. They have thoroughly professional and dedicated individuals and the expertise and negotiating skills have helped me tremendously in seeking admission in a USA university.

    Kusha Sharma (Study Visa USA)

  • I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the services of WWICS.I applied for Canada student Visa through WWICS and got visa very quickly for September 2015 Intake. I am very thankful to the team who gave me crisp and correct information about visa process. They guided me well at each strep and gave right direction to whole process. WWICS was very cooperative and helpful during the whole process. Charges are very affordable and services are good as compared to any other immigration offices. Whole staff is very cooperative. I am very happy and thankful with the services provided by WWICS.

    Simratpal Kaur Sidhu (Study Visa Canada)

  • I want to thank WWICS for all the assistance at every step by WWICS. I am really happy with the services provided by WWICS. I would like to thank each and every member of WWICS for the excellent services which has helped me at various steps during the whole process. I am confident the same support and services shall continue to every client of WWICS. Thanks Again !

    Shweta Vyas (Skilled)

  • Well, in the beginning it was a little confusing when I was trying to sort things out all by myself. But, when I came in contact with WWICS, the entire process seemed like a cake walk. My sincere thanks to WWICS Jalandhar office. My guide counselled me very aptly, so much so that I was fully confident on the working of WWICS and had given me all the motivation to patiently wait for the final day- the day I receive my Visa. God is kind, finally the day has come. I have received my Student Visa to Canada and all my dreams of obtaining an international degree will come true now. Thank you, WWICS!

    Tavleen Kaur (Student Visa)

  • Dear WWICS Team, The very first meeting with my guide at WWICS Chandigarh office and precious advice from the senior officials, enabled me to firm up for applying Canada PR. There onwards there was no looking back- be it apt advices from members of Chandigarh office or be it timely documentation in coordination with HO has been exceedingly supportive and responsive in making the whole process seamless. There wasn't a question for which my counsellor did not have a precise and ready answer! In short, I cannot imagine of an immigration case without WWICS! IMMIGRATION and WWICS are synonyms in my dictionary!!! THANKS ONCE AGAIN....

    Rohit Saini (Skilled)

  • With the grace of God I have received my Study Visa of Australia. All the efforts put in by WWICS Head Office is worth applauding. I was helped to fill in all the relevant documents and was advised time to time as to what the next step will be. All the kind help from my counsellor’s side is worth giving the credit now that I see my dream fulfilling! Trust me, the services provided by WWICS are exceptional!

    Samridh Pahuja (Study Visa)

  • I’d like to convey my heartiest gratitude to all the staff of the Head Office of WWICS. All those who were working on my case deserve a huge note of appreciation. They all dealt my case step- by- step and thanks to the persistant efforts from their side, I’ve received all my immigration papers. Well Done WWICS HO!!

    Inderjeet Singh (Skilled)

  • I would like to tell everyone that I had applied my case for Australian Immigration through WWICS. I got my skills assessed from WWICS, and I got a positive result in this. My Counsellors at the Head Office guided me properly with deep knowledge about the process and correct time frames involved. I’d like to thank one and all who worked on my profile. Now I am applying for my PR for Australia and I am quite hopeful, I will get it soon.

    Reena Bhardwaj (Skilled)

  • I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to each one of you at WWICS. This has been one of the most beautiful achievements of my life and NOTHING would have been possible without the support of WWICS. I would like to specially thank everyone who helped me through the first stage of documentation procedure by helping me to get all my papers right in the correct time frame. They guided me about each and every requirement and how to go about it. I would like to thank the concerned person for timely filing my case without any delay and being so kind to me everytime I called. All my calls were answered very kindly and all the information was given to me quickly. I’d like to thank you so much for listening to me and my worries and guiding me through them. If I didn't have such wonderful guidance and support from the team of WWICS this would have never been possible. The team of WWICS is experienced and professional. They have deep knowledge about all the phases of the process. Being a single parent this process really meant a lot to me. Thanks team WWICS.

    Zoya Misbah (Skilled )

  • Dear All, I, Jatin Malhotra thank WWICS and the whole team which helped me to get my Canadian Study Visa. Going to the Canada for studying was my dream and my dream was fulfilled by WWICS! One of my relative told me about this reputed company and one day I went to this company. I met my counsellor who explained me about the requirements of my IELTS bands, Course related to my studies and best college offering this course. I was fully satisfied with the discussion with my counsellor. I selected Centennial College and within a couple of days I got my conditional offer letter. By that time I started preparing for my IELTS and I cleared my IELTS exam. I explained about all the related documents which will help me to get the visa. She also helped me to prepare the documents. This company always gave a phone call to me to give the information related to my case. I asked many questions and my counsellor confidently answered to all my queries. After getting all my documents ready in accordance with requirements of Canadian embassy my file was submitted and after 13 days I received a phone call from WWICS that I had got my Visa The whole process from took 5 months and I am very happy that my case was presented by this company. All the Best WWICS!! Regards, Jatin Malhotra

    Jatin Malhotra (Study Visa)

  • Dear All, I would like to appreciate the staff of WWICS-Pune for the timely and efficient guidance that I received, in support of my application for PR to Canada. I would like to specially mention the Branch Manager and my Counsellor -WWICS Pune for their encouraging support in the matter. I had applied for Permanent residence for Canada and I am very happy to inform you that I finally received my Visa stamping in April 2015. I am very content with the way Pune branch handled my case with care and proper understanding of the situation knowing the fact that there were many bumps on the road, but the way WWICS Pune handled my case is totally awesome. I would like to thank the entire WWICS staff of Mohali for their help and support to settle me in Canada. I am very happy that I took the decision to immigrate to Canada through WWICS. I have a couple of friends who would need assistance and guidance in future while filing their case for immigration. I will definitely recommend them to seek WWICS services. With Regards Harsimran Singh

    Harsimran Singh (Skilled)

  • I would like to thank all of you for leading, helping and understanding my immigration case. You guys have fulfilled my dream of immigrating me to Canada Permanently. Now I have job here where I almost completed 3 months. I am working in IT sector, in the same position on which I was working in India. Thank you WWICS!!

    Amol Palkar (Skilled )

  • I take this opportunity to sincerely thank one and all in WWICS for being GREAT supports in getting my Australian Immigration dream come true. I received the visa for permanent residency in Australia and I am not hesitant to state that this would not have been possible without YOU ALL. I would like to share my special thanks to my counsellor in the Vadodra Office as he has been instrumental in getting me into WWICS and has always been taking minutest care of my process all way long. When I had to take a decision for enrolling with some consulting team, I chose to enroll with WWICS – ONLY because of him. During the first two conversations with him, I found out that he had an in depth knowledge of immigration prospects of Canada and Australia. This especially attracted me to enroll at WWICS as I always felt that my case is in safe hands while working with him. I am leaving for my first visit to Australia with my family in next 10 days.

    Snehal Pujara (Skilled)

  • Many Thanks to ALL WWICS team (onsite/offshore) for all efforts made on our applications to make those successful stories and for your patience along the road. Also I am receiving a lot appreciations from other colleagues and relatives whom I referred to ICS in past months and will continue to refer more people as I am now more confident that they will get the best value for their money dealing with ICS team. This was the main goal for my family to feel more secure while staying the last months for us in UAE. Wishing you more success in your business. All Family Members Best Wishes

    Bashar Alameer (Australia Skilled Visa)

  • I would like to thank everybody at WWICS who have been involved in our case filing and getting our permanent residency done. We appreciate the inputs for preparing the necessary documents and forms for filing our FSW application. Thanks to the full team and hope to get the same support during the post landing services. Regards

    Jyotsna Gajelli (Canada Skilled Visa)

  • I just want to thank WWICS for taking care of my whole immigration process to Quebec. Right from drafting the application to sending files, to preparing me for the interview and subsequently for Nova Scotia, the whole staff of WWICS has been a great support and help to me. I am touched by the gesture of the ceremony conducted while handing over the passports to me and the words of support and assurance of help given to me in my future endeavours.

    Kamaljit Singh (Business Immigration Visa)

  • This is to thank WWICS, for all the help and guidance provided throughout the process of our case filing and that too with immense patience. I would like to thank the whole crew for their commitment and dedication which has ensured complete success in the end. Now that we have received the landing papers, we are really grateful to the whole staff of WWICS for the services they have provided and the commitments that they stuck to. We have planned to fly on 9th April. Thanking you all again.

    Ranju Pillai (WWICS Kochi Office Client)

  • Many thanks goes to entire WWICS team for their hard work and valuable advise throughout this long process. This was really one of the best news our family received in recent years. This case by all measures was the most fast and effective case I hear of and rarely face across my connections. Once again, please accept my family warm wishes and gratitude for this achievement, will make sure this case experience and fast processing get propagated across all of our family members, social connections to promote your organization as we have done so in the past. Many thanks again to all who worked in this success.

    Bashar Hasan (Skilled Worker Visa)

  • I would like to thank you and all the team of WWICS that followed up with me in Muscat branch and Main office in India to grant my permanent visa in Australia.I and my spouse received my Permanent Visa in 1 year with the help of all your team members follow up and support. When I had my first meeting with Muscat team I thought that this Visa process is not easy and things were very difficult to achieve.But it was your team support and cooperation that has lead me in achieving this Visa in Australia. All of you have been really wonderful throughout our process and very supportive at every step.I highly appreciate all your effort in making this happen in a specific time. I am recommending your reputable office to all my friends in India and Abroad who are interested in Immigrating to other countries.

    Faresa (Skilled Worker Visa)

  • I have been highly impressed with the way WWICS has handled everything about my Australia PR case. WWICS is very professional and its staff is also very helpful. I am very thankful to WWICS. Good work and keep it up..

    Lakhbir Bajwa (Skilled Worker Visa)

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team in assisting us in securing the Australian visa. I would like to specially mention WWICS Kolkata branch. The staff is organised, detailed oriented and thorough and we really admire the rigorous follow up skills in our case. Thank you.

    Sanjay Sharma (Skilled Worker Visa)

  • It is my immense pleasure to write about my experience with WWICS, which along with its members helped me acquire my visa for studying in Canada. I heard about WWICS from my father, Mr. Uday Kumar Khound, who happened to be a client of this organization since the year 2000 that helped him get his PR for Canada. The whole staff of WWICS was very helpful and supportive when I went to their office.I am very grateful to WWICS for making it possible for me to get a college offering a course which I am interested in and helping me acquire my visa for Canada in just four days. I would like to seek help from them at the time of applying for PR in Canada and, would be more than happy to continue my relation with this organization.

    Kush Kumar Kaushik (Study Visa)

  • It is my great pleasure to write this letter in support of WWICS and their faculty who has helped me in processing my case for my further studies in Canada and also in my visa filing. I have a keen interest in studying aboard because I find their ways of teaching much more compatible than in my nation, but I had no idea how to process my file for further studies in abroad. I got to know about WWICS in the month of august through a newspaper commercial and I searched about the accomplishments of the institution and it took very less time for me to decide that I would be processing my file from WWICS only. I am very thankful to the institute for fulfillment of my desire of studying abroad, and I wish to suggest all my friends and family members about your services. :)

    Harman Sadera (Study Visa)

  • I just want to thank the team of WWES, Mohali for the efforts done to make my dream to study in abroad possible in such a short time period. They made all the process of documentation and Visa filing so simple for me that it seems as if it was a work accomplished within seconds. The entire team helped me to choose a right college and a right course which suits to my profile as well as kept in mind my area of interest and I'm sure this is going to benefit me in my future as well. The whole team is very cooperative. Now I'm going to study in Canada and going to make my future bright just because of WWICS. Now I understood that why WWICS has so much name and fame worldwide.. Actually it deserves..!! My good wishes are always with you people. GOOD LUCK...!!! Keep up the good work.. :)

    Rajni (Study Visa)

  • WWICS is one of the most popular and organized Immigration & Settlement Consultancy in India. It was my good luck that I tabbed the golden opportunity to handover my immigration case to WWICS

    Rahul Kapoor (Skilled Worker Visa)

  • WWICS guided my promptly and accurately regarding the immigration rules and my prospects of reaching Canada to study further and then hopefully settle there permanently.

    Sikanderjeet Singh (Study Visa)

  • My dream of Studying in Canada has finally come true. WWICS is the perfect torch bearer of a wonderful career in Canada.

    Sharanjit (Study Visa)

  • The overall dealing of WWICS is worth appreciation. Once the case is with WWICS, the client can rest assured of honest dealing.

    Simrat Kaur (Study Visa)

  • My dream to live Permanently in Australia has come true, thanks to the earnest efforts of WWICS. The staff is very cordial and upright. I am glad to have chosen WWICS as my immigration consultants.

    Priyanka Sharma (Skilled Worker Visa)

  • Since the very first day, I was overwhelmed to see the dedication and professionalism of WWICS. All my queries were handled patiently throughout the process.

    R. K. Mehta (Business Immigration Visa)

  • From my personal experience I would say that WWICS is the best and the most professional from all the other immigration agents.

    Teena Simon (Skilled Worker Visa)

  • would like to appreciate your sincere and prompt services whenever I had some queries regarding my visa application.

    Gurpreet Singh Grewal (Business Immigration Visa)

  • I thank WWICS for all the help and guidance provided throughout the process of my immigration case filing. Good Work Done!

    R.S. Mac (Business Immigration Visa)

  • WWICS is all about pure professionalism and untiring efforts to make all the dreams of numerous immigration aspirants.

    Silvy (Skilled Worker Visa)