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WWICS is one of the leading global resettlement and immigration solution service providers offering full range of services in the area of SKILLED IMMIGRATION, STUDENT VISA AND BUSINESS/INVESTMENT IMMIGRATION. Established in 1993, the group has a global presence with over 25 associate offices at the major parts of the world including CANADA– Mississauga, AUSTRALIA– Sydney, UAE– Dubai JLT, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, QATAR– Doha, KUWAIT,  KENYA – Nairobi, Nepal – Kathmandu and across India.

With over 30 years of experience as well as a dedicated and empowered team of 1000+ professionals at WWICS have successfully assisted over 4,00,000 clients in fulfilling their dream of settling in top countries of the world including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK . Our professional team consults with each client to understand their needs and interests and provide customized advice within the legal framework of immigration through its legal counsels comprising of ICCRC MEMBERS, SOLICITORS AND OTHER PARALEGALS.

Choose WWICS, the best Canada PR agency in India, to embark on your journey to a brighter future abroad.

Registered Agents For Canada Immigration In India

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Visa Categories

Skilled Workers Visa

Skilled Worker Visa

The skilled people who want to migrate have to apply for Skilled migration visa that is generally based on the skills or education background of the applicant..
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Business Immigration Visa

The world is evolving into a revolutionizing village and the economies are enormously progressing with the growth in international trade..
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Citizenship By Investment

Citizenship by Investment

While residence is granted to investors and wealthy individuals in most countries, there are currently only a handful of countries which offer citizenship-by-investment..
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USA/Green Card

The United States Employment Based (Category) 5 Program provides a special category of immigration Visa for High Net worth international investors..
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Student Study Visa

Student/ Study Visa

With worldwide integration, Education sector has always been the one domain which captured a big amount of population across the world..
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Family Visa

Now shifting to other countries with your family isn’t a problem. We, at WWICS, give you the privilege of hassle-free family visa services..
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Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Be it any occasion, traveling abroad has always been interesting. If you are planning to travel across the world, all you require is a Visitor Visa..
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work permit

Work Permit

You will normally need to be in one of the following situations to have a working visa in your destination Country: 1. Have the right to work based on Ancestry/nationality or based on..
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Judicial Review Appeal

If your case has recently been rejected on unconvincing grounds or you are facing long delays or you do not agree with the decision made on medical/criminal inadmissibility..
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What We Do?


WWICS Consultation Service offers you the opportunity to visit Immigration Consultants having a profound knowledge of the Visa…
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Eligibility Assessment

Our Online Assessment will help you find out if you are eligible to apply for a Visitor Visa. Register below to take the Assessment and view your results..
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Application Processing

Assess your Canadian immigration eligibility for free Determine your immigration category based on your credentials for free…
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Client Assistance

Client Assistance Program provides a direct one-on-one comprehensive information and referral assistance on basic needs and safety net services…
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Pre Landing Services

Assist client in assessment/ evaluation of their qualification from the professional bodies and/or educational institutions in the country of immigration…
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Post Landing Services

Immigration is just 30% of the entire settlement Process. Moving to a new country involves a lot of preparations. We take care of the rest 70%…
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