Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program

Cyprus is an island with an eventful history and a rich culture. Geographically, it is located between Africa, Europe, and Asia continents and thus it is a major trading post in the East Mediterranean zone. Even though the island boasts of having a low cost of living, it is ranked at No. 23 in the world in terms of quality of life.

In addition to making an investment, the applicant must:

  • have a valid passport
  • provide proof of source and origin of the declared funds for investment
  • have no criminal history
  • not be on the list of persons whose property is ordered to be frozen within the boundaries of the EU

Investor options
1. Direct Investment
Applicant must make a direct investment of at least €5 million in the purchase of one of the below:

  • Property
  • Businesses or companies
  • Financial assets
  • Maintain ownership of assets for a period of 3 years

2. Bank Deposit
Have a fixed term deposit of at least €5 million for at least 3 years in a bank in Cyprus

3. Collective Investment programs of at least €2.5 million each i.e. the applicant must hold a permanent privately-owned residence in Cyprus, with the purchase price being at least €500,000 plus applicable VAT and should choose one of the prescribed investment options and maintain it for the required duration.

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