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WWICS: Your Gateway to Malta

Are you looking for a new and exciting opportunity to live and work in Europe? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality lifestyle, a stable economy, and a rich culture? If yes, then Malta is the perfect destination for you!

Malta is an island country in Southern Europe, located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the world’s tenth-smallest country by area and fourth most densely populated sovereign country. It has a vibrant and dynamic economy, based on tourism, financial services, gaming, manufacturing, and maritime sectors. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe and a high GDP per capita. It also offers a favourable tax system, a skilled workforce, and a strategic location.

WWICS: Your Trusted Partner for Malta Work Permit

WWICS can help you obtain a work permit under the European Programs. We are the world’s largest immigration group that has helped thousands of people achieve their dream of living abroad. We have over 30 years of experience and expertise in immigration law and procedures.

We are happy to announce MALTA Work Permit under European Programs. This program allows you to work in Malta for two years with an extendable contract. You can choose from various occupations in demand, such as catering & hospitality, health & beauty, logistics & transport, and construction & technical professions.

Please be informed that the work permit (TRC) can only be obtained when the candidates arrive in Malta. Please contact to know about the process to apply for an Approval in Principle letter and Visa

The terms and conditions of working in Malta are as follows:

  • Accommodation: Provided by the company
  • Food: Provided by the company
  • Airfare: Air Passage will be provided by the Employee
  • Visa: Cost paid for by the company
  • Leave: 25 days per year
  • Local Transportation: Provided by the company
  • Medical Treatment: Provided by the company
  • Medical Insurance: Provided by the company
  • Working Hours: 8 hours per day and 6 days a week
  • Overtime: As per Employer requirements
  • Contract Period: 2 years with extendable

If you are interested in applying for the Malta Work Permit program, please contact us today. We will guide you through the entire process and help you achieve your goal of working in Europe. WWICS is your gateway to Malta!

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