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E Visitor Visa

Australian E Visitor Visas
Australia welcomes visitors from across the world to travel and visit the country. If applicants wish to visit their families and friends in Australia, they can apply to procure E Visitor Visa. Interestingly, this visa can also be applied for, if applicants wish to travel to Australia for business, such as negotiating deals, attending conferences or exploring opportunities.

With a validity of 12 months, this temporary visa allows the holder to stay in Australia for 3 months from the date of each entry. To become eligible to apply this visa, applicants should be holding E Visitor Visa eligible passport. Since this is an offshore visa, they can make application online. Applicants should be outside Australia at the time of application being processed and visa being issued.

Australian Short Travel Visa Basic Requirements
In order o get a tourist visa, applicants should have an authentic intention to visit Australia as a tourist, i.e. for visiting family & friends and for recreation. It is essential that they are able to fulfill the health and character requirements. They should also be able to establish the possession of adequate funds to support their travels in Australia.

This is an offshore visa and while applying, applicants should be outside of Australia and also while the visa is being issued. However, if applicants wish to apply for an extension of this visa, they should be inside Australia, while the visa is being approved.

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